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20 million USDT transferred to and from Huobi exchange to unknown wallets




20 million USDT transferred to and from Huobi exchange to unknown wallets
Source: Unsplash

Despite the ongoing Tether and Bitfinex fiasco, USDT movement hasn’t waned. There are massive transactions that have been moving Tether between various exchanges and the Tether treasury.

Two massive transactions involving Tether were recorded, moving in and out of Huobi, a Chinese exchange.

Source: Omni Explorer

The first transaction transferred 10 million USDT from 1FwWBMfwxE9ngQ5DJKHFQsZ1wqpfD1sjpk to 1EPDc4Cw4xiqsoWCHnWepfwbqWLcBFamwm. The sender had a balance of 22 million USDT, while the receiver had zero balance and this transaction took place on the Omni Explorer.

@Whale_Alert tweeted the same transaction. However, the user mentioned that the above transaction was sent to Huobi from Binance.

However, CZ confirmed that this transaction didn’t originate from Binance.

Source: Tronscan

The second transaction transferred a total of 9,999,999 USDT from TNaRAoLUyYEV2uF7GUrzSjRQTU8v5ZJ5VR to TAyAA1xjZGyjQYP8UHp5qFtRcLgUG2XnPi. This transaction was different from the first because the second transaction took place on the Tron Blockchain, instead of the usual.

Tron has been a competitor to Ethereum and has already surpassed Ethereum’s all-time high transactions. Tron also launched a program to issue USDT on the TRX blockchain. This was announced on April 17, 2019. However, due to the recent Bitfinex and Tether lawsuit, Tron’s USDT giveaway plan was postponed indefinitely.

The sender of the ~10 million USDT on the TRX blockchain had a total balance 61,103 USDT, while the receiver had 16.3 million USDT.

A Twitter user, @random_exp, commented,

“This is coming from the @TMZ in cryptos of the likes @CryptoChico…”

Another Twitter user @ISayHowItIs, commented,

“best CEO ever = @cz_binance and hack just make him stronger and more open to community. Other exchanges CEO’s this is a great example for you how to #BUIDL and even worst happen still exist with huge community support!”

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Binance Coin [BNB] registers ATH as it surges by over 16,000% since inception

Namrata Shukla



Binance coin [BNB] registers ATH as it surges by over 16,000% since inception
Source: Pixabay

The cryptocurrency market continued to register massive growth, as the prices of most major cryptocurrencies soared. However, the late entrant to the list, Binance Coin [BNB] is posing to be tough competition for other coins in terms of performance. BNB which entered the crypto market in July 2017, breached its all-time high and was trading at $28.79, at press time.

Source: Trading view

Source: Trading view

Binance Coin started out in July 2017 with a value of $0.1927 and marked its all-time high on May 18 at $31.91, according to the Trading View chart of the coin on Binance. BNB noted the growth of a massive 16,458.31% since 2017. However, until the beginning of 2019, BNB was valued at $6.59, after which the coin noted a surge by 384.15% and peaked at $31.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Source: CoinMarketCap

In the month of May, BNB noted a 28.16% growth, and the coin was valued at $28.66, with a market cap of $4.04 billion. The 24-hour trade volume of the coin was reported to be $551 million as it spiked by over 10% in a day. In the past seven days, the coin grew by 35.97%, but slipped by a minimal 0.25% in an hour.

BNB was highly traded on its native exchange, Binance via the BNB/BTC and BNB/USDT pairs. The BNB/BTC trading volume noted on Binance was $140 million, while the volume reported on the BNB/USDT pair was $132 million. The third place was taken by BKEX via the BNB/USDT pair as it registered a trading volume of $72 million.

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