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All new mobile friendly Lisk Explorer 1.6.0 version has been released.

Rajath Kumar



All new mobile friendly Lisk Explorer 1.6.0 version has been released
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The latest version of Explorer has been announced by Lisk, called Lisk Explorer 1.6.0. The new version brings several stability patches and most importantly improved User Experience [UX] for mobile devices. And the new desktop UI functions same as before.This release matches the design that was introduced in February.

The release makes the search feature available on a small smartphone screen. The magnifying glass icon allows the users to look for certain transactions, block accounts, delegate public keys or block heights.

To make the view more mobile friendly, the rank column has been removed and an address shortener is introduced. With the help of address shortener, it is possible to see approximate one’s balance [decimal places are truncated] and percentage stake of market cap. Spacing has been optimized to make it more user friendly on smaller screens. The current sorting algorithm deals efficiently with columns.

Lisk also uses Explorer’s backend API for a chart displaying the value of Lisk. The backend is much more resistant to invalid responses from various third-party services such as cryptocurrency exchanges. In the upcoming weeks, Lisk will focus on minor fixes to polish up the new explorer.

This Blockchain application lets developers build decentralized applications written in JavaScript.


Desktop view of Explorer

Desktop view of Explorer


Mobile View of Explorer

Mobile View of Explorer

Michal, a Lisk Team member says:

“Our fronted team put a great deal of effort into making the application similar to the other apps in the Lisk ecosystem. We are maintaining high coding standards, therefore, in the following weeks, we are going to be focused on improving automated tests.”

Lonut Scirlet a Twitter user says:

“Great UX on the new phone. Makes it easy to find my transactions.”

Another Twitterati commented:

“Time to buy more, this is seriously undervalued”

A Redditor says:

“General tools like top accounts, market watcher, network monitor and delegate monitor have also implemented the new design.”

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Rajath Kumar is an intern at AMBCrypto. He became aware of the crypto-world through gaming and has been a part of it for two years now. Rajath does not hold any value in any cryptocurrencies or its projects.