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Asia Blockchain Week showcases maturity of the ecosystem with an impressive speaker lineup

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Asia Blockchain Week showcases maturity of the ecosystem with an impressive speaker lineup
Source: BlockShow

The impressive line up at Asia Blockchain Week fits perfectly with the theme of Making Blockchain Mature. Expect high-quality discussions and discourse.

BlockShow is bringing Asia Blockchain Week to Singapore. Audiences are all set to be enthralled by over 100 speakers between November 27 – December 1, 2018, at Marina Bay Sands Luxury Hotel. The first ever organized by BlockShow, the Asia Blockchain Week brings together a diverse array of investors, entrepreneurs, developers, pundits, and experts together. A five-day networking opportunity but also a great place to listen to insights and discover where Blockchain is headed and how it is reshaping our world.

A conference that defines Blockchain

Blockchain is not just a passing fad, it is a technology whose time has come. BlockShow has been highlighting the importance of this since 2017. In the following year, BlockShow capitalized on their work and helped welcome millions into the Blockchain fold. Now the writing is clear on the wall, it is time to help Blockchain mature. This can only happen when people come together and share their own unique experiences and values. As VentureBeat calls BlockShow, “The flagship event, which has grown quickly to become the largest Blockchain technology roadshow.” and Forbes describes BlockShow as “Major Blockchain Conference.” The reputation of BlockShow is its main draw.

Speakers that create discourse

The backbone of any great tech conference are the people who participate. This year at the Asia Blockchain Week, there is a lineup of excellent speakers that will take on the issues that surround Blockchain.

  • Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee, Co-founder of BTCC and Board Member of the Bitcoin Foundation is one of the most well-known personalities of the cryptocurrency world and would present his thoughts on stage.

  • Sinhae Lee

Sinhae Lee, Partner at Global Blockchain Innovative Capital, named as Top 10 most influential crypto funds by 36kr [TechCrunch of China] and ODaily (Chinese Blockchain Media) will be present on the stage.

  • Justin Chow

Justin Chow, Head of Business Development, Asia at Cumberland is among the speakers as well. Justin is an expert in the evolution of crypto-markets and crypto-trading.

  • Thomas Lee

Speakers include Thomas Lee, Managing Partner and Head of Research at Fundstrat Global Advisors LLC. Thomas has worked as a Managing Director with JPMorgan and has a strong equities background.

  • Tone Vays

Tone Vays, an ex. Wall Street professional, Crypto & Blockchain Educator, Researcher & Consultant. His passion is ‘separating legitimate projects in crypto/blockchain space from that will most likely fail or are blatant scams.’

  • Alex Mashinsky

Alex Mashinsky, Founder of the Celsius Network, Venture, a founder of over 7 projects with more than 120 Venture Capitalist investments under his belt. He is also the holder of over 50 patents ranging from VOIP, Bandwidth Trading, Click to Call, Discount management on the web and more. He is actually considered the inventor of VOIP technology.

  • David Lee

David Lee, Professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences [SUSS] and Co-founder of BlockAsset who says his mission is to harness technology for ASEAN connectivity and Financial Inclusion through Singapore as a Smart Nation would also be speaking.

  • Joseph Young

Then there is Joseph Young, a contributor to Bitcoin Magazine, Cointelegraph, Forbes and

  • Zing Yang

Zing Yang, Director of the Litecoin Foundation focuses on inspiring change, compassion, and joy. Her mission is to build global communities and to harness technology for global connectivity.

  • Michael Gu

Michael Gu, Founder of Boxmining who also is a Blockchain expert will be present.

  • Alex Medana

Last but not the least among the fine array of speakers is Alex Medana, Co-Founder and CEO of FinFabrik and Board Member of Fintech Association Hong Kong. His focus has been on building next generation of platforms that improve customer journey in capital markets and wealth management.

Five days of knowledge and fun

The Asia Blockchain weeks starts with a VIP pre-party followed by the conference itself at  Marina Bay Sands. Then the conference focuses on “The Future of the Token Economy” at SUSS. The last day is planned as an Open Day where all blockchain hubs, accelerators, and companies in Singapore will open their doors. It will be the perfect opportunity to watch blockchain mature in front of your own eyes.

As the continent gathers up to witness the premiere of the Asia Blockchain Week, should you stay away? Tickets for the event are already available on the BlockShow Asia website. The future of the Blockchain awaits you in Singapore!

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Press Release

Innovation Challenge offers €20,000 to startups and entrepreneurs

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Innovation Challenge offers €20,000 to startups and entrepreneurs
ANON Blockchain Summit

Organizers of ANON Blockchain Summit Austria have launched their Innovation Challenge to find the best new ideas in the blockchain, with a prize pot of €20,000 for the winner.

If you have a blockchain project you’re working to get off the ground, this is your opportunity to apply to pitch your idea to a panel of top CEOs and venture capitalists.

In total, seven projects will be chosen to pitch their ideas at the conference on April 3rd.

The inaugural ANON Blockchain Summit Austria has so far attracted big names such as Microsoft, IBM, Binance and Bitmain, and will feature a range of high-profile speakers and visionaries.

Daniel Lenikus, organizer and co-founder of the event, urged start-ups, entrepreneurs and founders working in the blockchain space to get involved. Talking about the event, Lenikus stated:

“This is an opportunity to get your name and your business in front of an audience featuring some of the biggest names in business and blockchain, and could really propel your company to the next level. If you’re working in the blockchain space and have a unique, innovative idea you feel offers real value we want to hear from you, and we want you to apply for this challenge.”

The winner will walk away with a prize valued at €20,000, comprising €10,000 in cash and €10,000 in marketing value.

Entrants each have a 10-minute slot to pitch to the panel, which should include a presentation and time for questions. Judges will choose the winning projects based on their business model, problem-solving, usability, team, experience and innovation.

The deadline for applications is March 20th.

If you plan on pitching an initial coin offering, judges will look at your token’s economic model and distribution as well.

Winners will also get the chance to present on the main stage at ANON Blockchain Summit Austria and to present at the 4Gamechanger Festival Pitch Challenge, one of Europe’s biggest digital festivals with more than 12,000 attendants.

Plus, they will be given a five-minute interview with BTC TV, which will promote their idea to their 100,000-plus subscribers.

ANON Blockchain Summit Austria will run from April 2nd-3rd and will be held at the Gösserhalle, in central Vienna.

It is supported by the Vienna Government and has attracted major sponsors, including Accenture, Wien Energie and Raiffeisen Bank, with Lufthansa Group partnering to provide travel to the event.

To submit an application to pitch please visit the website.

To find out more about the conference and to buy tickets click here.

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