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Aurora [AOA] Chain – The new disruptive contender for Ethereum [ETH] and EOS

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Global launch of Aurora [AOA] Chain - Beyond the Blocks conference held at Seoul
Source: MaxPixel

Aurora Chain, a smart contract platform organized a press conference in Seoul last week announcing the launch of their disruptive blockchain. The event, ‘Beyond the Blocks’, had Aurora Chain’s core team speaking about their mission and roadmap. 

Meijun Zhao, the Founder of the firm described the developments and consensus protocols used. Aurora Chain [AOA] develops an efficient environment for decentralized applications [DApps] which follows the consensus protocols and blockchain features. Aurora Chain is one among the 5 companies in a long list of crypto projects which use smart contracts for their development.

The team has done intensive research about the drawbacks of the existing blockchain based systems and found that the major issues faced by the systems are congestion, scalability, and upgradability.

Aurora Chain is working towards overcoming these pain points by implementing Delegated Proof Of Stake [DPOS] and Byzantine Fault Tolerance [BFT] consensus. They also pointed out that collaboration with other firms can resolve congestion and low scalability. Aurora Chain has teamed up with a firm called ABitchain [ABTC] recently, following which ABTC was automatically changed to AOA.

DPOS is highly secured and provides reliably confirmed transactions on the networks to implement the technology. It overcomes all the drawbacks of traditional Proof of Work [POW] and Proof of Stake [POS] protocols. DPOS also provides complete decentralization while issuing stake rewards to people. It implements a layer of technological democracy to nullify the effects of centralization.

On the other hand, BFT works among all the distributed computing systems by enhancing the security and efficiency of these systems. When a component such as a server appears to be dysfunctioning to failure-detection systems, the dependability of a fault-tolerant computer system comes in to picture. Depending on the BFT consensus, the systems decide which component failed and shuts it out of the network.

Aurora Chain uses both DPOS and BFT consensus to form a powerful and efficient Peer to Peer [P2P] stereo network that supports multi-asset launching. These consensus protocols avoid all the risk of forking which takes place on the regular blockchain. The incoming transaction requests are facilitated by isolating the applications that create a smarter pending zone. This certainly helps in increasing the transaction speed on Aurora Chain.

Meijun also compared Aurora Chain with Ethereum and EOS to show the improved transaction speed and other factors achieved by AOA.

Aurora comparison

Aurora comparison

He further explained about the 3 helps and 1 investment project handled by Aurora.

3 Helps and 1 Investment

3 Helps and 1 Investment

Meijun also shared the Roadmap of Aurora, during the first quarter of 2018, the team deployed the Test Chain followed by a Formal Chain execution in the month of May. Then they implemented the DPOS+BFT consensus and the EVM+Solidity smart contracts. 

Further, the implementation of almost 20 decentralized applications [DApps] is being done by the team. They have various projects lined up for the coming quarters which include, 5-10 game DApps, 2 Management DApps, ad 2 Information DApps.

Roadmap of Aurora

Roadmap of Aurora

The team has completed the development phase of the chain, also built the rules and regulations regarding the smart contracts. Aurora Chain gives the leverage to connect with any organization from various industries like Games, Management etc. and use it on Aurora.

Bo Zhang, the Partner and VP of Aurora says:

“Aurora Chain will support multi-asset application and will be fully live in June with multiple projects.”

Mr. Kezhen Qiang, the Chief Technical Officer [CTO] of Aurora was the next speaker at ‘Beyond the Blocks’. He clearly explained the following features of Aurora Chain.

  1. DPOS + BFT
  2. P2P Stereo-Net
  3. Intelligent Isolation of Applications
  4. Multi-asset Launching  
  5. Multi-chain Parallel operation
  6. Upgradable blockchain
  7. Cluster Grouping  

Aurora Chain also announced various strategic partnerships in order to achieve a truly strong network and joined World Blockchain Council along with BIT.GAME, XFuture, and LightSecond.

Aurora Chain's partners pose after the partnership agreement

Aurora Chain’s partners pose after the partnership agreement

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Baer Chain Global Developer Conference “CURVATURE NAVIGATION” was held Successfully in Korea.

Guest Author



Baer Chain Global Developer Conference “CURVATURE NAVIGATION” was held Successfully in Korea.
Source: BaerChain

During the conference, Vincent talked about the current status of the development and the future plans of Baer Chain:

  • The globalization of Million Ecology Project is going smoothly. The “Curvature Navigation” conferences will be held in Asia first, and then in Europe and finally in North America. The official launch of the mainnet will come with a grand event in North America.
  • The Baer Chain block explorer developed by supernode team Baer LA is officially launched, marking Baer Chain’s decentralized development stage;
  • All game developers teams from all over the world will continue to develop blockchain games based on Baer Chain technology. At present, dozens of games are under development and will be launched in the Baer Chain ecosystem.

On 24th May, Baer Chain “Curvature Navigation” global developers conference was successfully held in Gangnam, South Korea.

Daniel Kim, CEO of Block Patch, a well-known blockchain company in Korea, attended the conference with a special guest, Zhenying Lee, who is focusing on the legal research of the blockchain industry.

Source: Baer Chain

Vincent introduced the development of Baer Chain at the conference. When talking about the progress of the Million Ecology Project, he said:

“We have entered the stage of curvature navigation and Korea is our first stop. Next, we will continue the journey of curvature in Amsterdam, then in London. We will eventually go to North America. What I can tell you is that it will be a grand event in North America to welcome the official launch of the Baer Chain mainnet.”

Source: Baer Chain

At the conference, Vincent announced that the first version of the Baer Chain block explorer developed by the supernode team Baer LA has been launched. It is the most direct visualization approach for users to engage with the mainnet.

With the release of the block explorer, all the third-party node teams are now able to smoothly carry out the development work based on the Baer Chain technology architecture, which means that the technology development of Baer Chain has entered the decentralization and the rapid growth stage of cooperation.

At the conference, Shawn from the supernode team Baer Cali also talked about the advantages of the Baer Chain technology architecture and how they began to develop games on Baer Chain.

Vincent stated that there were more than 10 super node teams have already started their development of new games. They are working very hard to develop their games and strive to release their products on the Baer Chain as soon as possible.

In the following Q&A session, Vincent was asked by one of the participants that if BRC was affected by Million Ecology Project, and Vincent responded:

“BRC is an indicator of Baer Chain’s values. The positive trend of BRC reflects the market’s view on the development and future value of Baer Chain.”

For more information, please visit the website, or follow on Twitter.

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