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Belief in Ripple and XRP stays strong with SBI Holdings CEO’s recent comment




Belief in Ripple and XRP stays strong with SBI Holdings CEO's recent comment
Source: Pixabay

The CEO of SBI Holdings, one of the major key partners of Ripple, recently attended the Japan Blockchain Conference held in Tokyo. Yoshitaka Kitao, the Representative Director and CEO of SBI Holdings is one of biggest advocate of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Kitao and his company have been associated with Ripple since May 2016. The two companies, in a joint venture, run the SBI Ripple Asia, a next-gen platform powered by Distributed Ledger Technology [DLT].

Kitao, during the conference, spoke about how Japan, the world’s third largest GDP, has been continuing to adopt blockchain related technologies. He has overtly betted on the spurt in blockchain during the upcoming economic surge in Japan. With such claims, he also mentions:

“We want to take blockchain beyond financial. There’s a lot of speculative demand around cryptocurrencies, which is why the price is going up so quickly, but people need to think about how these technologies are being used in real life and how they can improve people’s businesses.”

In addition to the positive remarks about cryptocurrencies, he goes on to talk about Ripple and how he is confident that it will go on to become the ‘Global Standard’. About the token XRP, he remarks:

“using XRP can create a more efficient world”

In an interview with Ripple last year, Kitao speaks about how ‘XRP is the best digital asset for payments’. He states that along with a clear use case, the token is faster, cheaper, and more scalable than any other existing digital asset.

Commenting on Bitcoin, the CEO, during the conference says:

“Bitcoin is too expensive and people are just holding it and hoping it increase in value”

According to recent news, the SBI Group has announced their own digital asset exchange – SBI Virtual Currencies [SBI VC]. Unsurprisingly, Ripple was exclusively listed during the launch. Apart from Ripple, they have also listed Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Patrick Griffin, the senior vice president of business development at Ripple talks about SBI VC, stating:

“decision to make XRP the primary digital asset of SBI Virtual Currencies shows the utility, efficiency, and scalability respected financial institutions around the world see in XRP. This is a critical step forward in our mission to build XRP liquidity and build an Internet of Value”

A Twitter user comments:

“Yes. He is so right. I also told this many tweets before. XRP $10+ eoy easy. CEO of SBI Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao said it also.”

Another user says:

“Yes very true. . . but when you have enough and it is all grown up, wouldn’t it be nice to have this on your car to show XRP is No 1.”

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Andrea Pierre Jackson is a contributing News writer at AMBCrypto from December 2017. She has previous writing experience with major publishing houses in the UK and the US. Andrea currently does not hold any position in any cryptocurrency or its projects


Ripple welcomes one of the ‘Big Four’ South Korean exchanges, Coinone to Ripple Net




Ripple welcomes "Big Four," South Korean exchange Coinone into Ripple Net
Source: Unsplash

Coinone, hailed in Asia as one of the continent’s “Big Four” cryptocurrency exchanges, is set to join the Ripple family. Announced on June 17, the exchange performs cross-banking services, while implementing Ripple’s xCurrent solution in its operations.

The partnership between the San Francisco-based blockchain payments giant, Ripple, and Japan’s SBI Holdings called SBI-Ripple Asia, will see the participation of Coinone. With a growing number of cross-border transactions emanating from the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, several companies have been looking to capitalize.

Coinone’s addition to the Ripple network is the first such inclusion of a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange. Speaking about the partnership, CEO of Coinone, Shin Won-hee, told K Banker, a Korean media outlet,

“We hope that the cooperation between Coinone and SBI Ripple Asia will provide allow us to introduce a range of financial services that make use of blockchain technology.”

Coinone’s official Twitter account added that this integration is ‘about Ripple,’

Following the CEO of SBI Holdings, Yoshitaka Kitao, being appointed as a board member at Ripple, the Pacific partnership between the two companies has blossomed. The duo launched SBI -Ripple Asia, a J.V. with the aim of using the network power of RippleNet to build a global payments stream.

K Banker further reported that in the gist of celebrating the agreement with SBI Ripple Asia and their remittance program, Coinone Transfer will “organize overseas remittance events for 3,000 new subscribers to the block chain overseas remittance service.”

The partnership between the two companies was first initiated in May 2018 when Coinone integrated xCurrent into its remittance services titled “Cross.” According to the latest figures, eight Asian countries can send remittances via the system, with the fee for the same remaining at 1 percent.

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