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Binance to list ZenCash [ZEN] on its platform

Sarah Rodrigues



Binance to list ZenCash [ZEN] on it's platform
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Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, paving way for all investors and traders in the cryptocurrency world. It was initiated in 2014. It has been known to carry lesser fees with secured transactions, similar to other crypt-exchanges. It is one of the top crypto-exchange platforms in the cryptocurrency market.

On 5:30 AM UTC, Binance announced that Zencash will be listed on the exchange platform. It will be open for trading for ZEN/BNB, ZEN/BTC, and ZEN/ETH on 23/05/2018. The investors can start depositing ZEN while in preparation for trading.

ZenCash [ZEN] is a privacy currency that is powered by zk-SNARKS. It creates an entire industry on standards of radical transparency and accountability. The technology is based on completes transactions that are untraceable without leaking any of the metadata. Only the proof of transaction is shown on the ledger. zk-SNARKS is the leading privacy protocol in the world of cryptocurrency.

ZenCash [ZEN] is ranked 85th position in the cryptocurrency market. Trading at $49.34 with a market capital value of over $194 million, this emerging cryptocurrency has soared up to 44.01% in the last 24 hours and increased to 8.22% in the past hour at the time of writing.

HeatSeeker, a Twitter user commented:

“WTF people. Really? USD is useless fiat. Soo lets back it with that. Institutional money is here to take yours… The white shoe boys want in alright! Damn buy some #dogecoin buy some #Litecoin shit buy some #bitcoin but don’t get on this train to hell.”

1cyborgatrom, another Twitter user commented:

“That is awesome!!!!!! That is going to be huge for more institutional money to feel safer investing! 🍻 To the best Exchange in the world!”

24-Hour Graph Value.

24-Hour Graph Value.

Since this is a growing cryptocurrency, there is much speculation for it to reach the top 20 cryptocurrencies. It has a circulating supply of 3,900,975 with a volume of $20,826,600 as per CoinMarketCap.

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Sarah Rodrigues is an intern at AMBCrypto. She is pursuing her English lit, Psychology and Journalism at St. Joseph's College. She researches extensively and writes about Cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence. Sarah currently does not hold any value in cryptocurrency.



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