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Binance CEO CZ says, “We will continue to build and increase adoption, and lead the industry forward”

Namrata Shukla



Binance CEO CZ says, "We will continue to build and increase adoption, and lead the industry forward"
Source: Pixabay

Binance has released its yearly round-up report in the form of a letter from its Chief Executive Officer [CEO] Changpeng “CZ” Zhao. The CEO informed about the company’s progress and the target they set to achieve. One of which is launching Binance Mainnet in 2019, which will make the platform pull out of the Ethereum network.

Binance will be following Tron [TRX], EOS and other coins that have backed out of the ERC20 Network and other coins like Zilliqa that are hoping to pull out off the network completely by January next year.

Talking further about Binance Chain, the CEO informed that the platform is assuming to achieve this by January 2019 with a native on-chain DEX. A testnet version of Binance Chain is made available to the platform’s partners and will be available to the public within the first month of the coming year. The mainnet will be launched a few months after Binance chain. CZ talked about the ways in which Binance chain will make a difference. He added:

“The Binance Chain is unique in many ways. With 1-second block times and 1 confirmation finality, we hope it will serve a few niche functions other blockchains haven’t covered.”

CZ educated the readers about wanting to increase BNB adoptions in the coming year and about investing in more projects. The company will also be seen participating in more transparent charities in the coming year.

The CEO also stated the reasons, according to him, which led to the prices of the cryptocurrency falling so low in the year 2018. He pointed towards some ICO projects from 2017 that missed the 2018 delivery promises.

The letter talked about regulatory uncertainty and how it is inhibiting the progress of the digital currency industry. CZ asked the crypto world to unite in order to increase the prices of the cryptocurrencies. The CEO wrote:

“We, as a young industry, were not very united. There were fights between projects, between people, and stupid forks that triggered further drops in price.”

The report talked about the things the community could look forward to in which he mentioned to introduce up to 10 fiat exchanges around the world. The Binance CEO added:

“We will continue to build and increase adoption, and lead the industry forward.”



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