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Binance to team up with Crypto Savannah to support the economic transformation of Uganda

Neil Kumar



Binance to team up with Crypto Savannah to support the economic transformation of Uganda
Source: Pixabay

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in terms of volume has recently partnered with Crypto Savannah. The exchange platform is looking forward to supporting Uganda’s economic transformation and youth employment through blockchain.

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance announced the partnership on Twitter, says:

“Binance will partner with crypto savannah, Aggie Konde, Helen Haiyu to support Uganda’s economic transformation and youth employment through blockchain, embracing the 4th industrial revolution. We will do this creating thousands of jobs and bringing investments to Uganda.”

Crypto Savannah, an African Blockchain Innovation Hub, Aggie Konde, the CEO of Msingi East Africa, Helen Hai, CEO of the Made in Africa Initiative along with CZ, the CEO of Binance will jointly work towards transforming the economic status of Africa through blockchain initiative.

The announcement was made after an open meeting held by the Blockchain Association of Uganda for the collaboration. The team will be working towards creating jobs and increasing the investments in Uganda.

Binance will be providing drive structural change, training and support young entrepreneurs innovating with blockchain.

During the open meeting, CZ says:

“My advice to the young people is to focus on providing solutions to people that make lives better and the money will follow.”

He further adds:

“We want to understand the landscape and grow our understanding of the market.”

The CEO of Binance also addressed the developers during the meeting and told them to build something that’s easy to use for the masses.

Ben Theobald, an Online Entrepreneur and an NEO, Lisk and Ethereum investor says:

“Thats an unexpected move! CZ Binance But good to see that the African content is not forgotten. Blockchain and all its possibilities will help the African people massively. Great job”

Mohammed, a Twitterati says:

“Uganda the new wakanda”

Cal, another Twitterati says:

“Aka we see an opportunity to take advantage of Africa. As the Chinese are already doing in Africa. Non of these countries really care about the Africans, the care about MAXIMING PROFITS. Africa offers the most potential for this because the markets there is not over saturated.”

Jarau Moses, a Steem Ambassador of Uganda says:

“Welcome to Uganda and we happy you have chosen us. We have a growing community of young crypto guys.”

Cryptopoipds, a crypto-enthusiast says:

“Uganda will be turned into Wakanda by Bibranium”

A Pompliano, a well-known crypto-capitalist says:

“Binance has announced they will make significant investments in Uganda by supporting and training the people building products with blockchain tech. Nothing to see here – just another crypto company providing opportunity for humans around the world.”

Elvin, an LTC and NEO investor says:

“This is why I love crypto. Finally everybody around the world will Get a chance to better their financial situation, and not be dependent on nasty banks and governments. The fact that Binance does this is a Nice gesture. Go Binance!”

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Neil Kumar has been working as a full-time reporter for AMBCrypto from January 2018. He has eight years of experience in day trading markets and a three year experience working for a blockchain company. Neil writes about blockchain and technology is a strong advocate of privacy. He had a few Litecoins and Ripple tokens months before joining AMBCrypto; he currently does not have any value in cryptocurrencies or projects.


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