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Birth of EOSIO version 1.0 where the future comes to life!

Arjun B



Birth of EOSIO version 1.0 where the future comes to life!
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Earlier today, released statements announcing the release of EOSIO version 1.0 and their developer portal. This would be an open source blockchain software which would enable users to create and develop various blockchain-based applications.

Blockchain-based firms can use the EOSIO platform to create various applications by writing business logic which would be compatible with consensus algorithms that are on the platform. The newly released EOS platform will provide the users with the functions to get onboard the EOS blockchain like low latency block confirmation of 0.5 seconds, and optional high-overhead with low-latency BFT finality.

The EOSIO 1.0 release has plenty of new and useful features for the EOS community such as the parallel execution of content-free validation logic, scheduled recurring transactions, and support for biometric hardware secured keys.

The blockchain is specially designed to allow sparse header light client validation and provide hierarchical role-based permissions procedures for better safety features. The number of free transactions is limited.

EOSIO is capable of functioning in situations where the system administrators can allocate unlimited access to resources for the users with help of smart contracts. The resources may include market fees, voting, and token staking, which makes the portal optimal for the community and enterprise based blockchains.

EOSIO 1.0 adds support for up to 1000 TPS on a single blockchain and will support inter-blockchain communication in the coming updates. The first version of the software is released under the open source MIT license without any warranty of any kind, express or implied.

The EOSIO smart contracts platform is being powered by third-party libraries from Binaryen and WAVM, which include the Apache License and BSD 3-clause respectively, for the web assembly process. The developer relation team of has been working on the growth and development of the entire EOS community.

The Head of Developer Relations of, Serg Metelin said:

 “Dev Relations is our interface between our core developer team and the wider development community, It’s essential that we have a dynamic, outward-facing infrastructure to help third-party developers become users of EOSIO and for the community to expand.”

Developers who are interested can check out the portal at “”. The EOSIO software is available on GitHub.

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