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Bitcoin [BTC] vs Bitcoin Cash [BCH] saga – Roger Ver strikes again

Akash Anand



Roger Ver takes the fight to Bitcoin
Source: Unsplash

Roger Ver is back in the news again and is on a mission to convey his message that ‘Bitcoin is out to ruin everyone’. On 10th July 2018, Roger Ver tweeted:

“Bitcoin Core and Blockstream have intentionally degraded the user experience of BTC and caused people to seek out other coins to use as a substitute. #NailedIt”

This tweet is basically a callback to a video that he had uploaded way back on 17th August 2017. In the video which is attached to the tweet, he explains how the economics of Bitcoin and Blockstream will force users to look for alternatives. This will result in Bitcoin losing market cap thereby giving other coins a surge. His key points of attack have always been the slow transaction speeds, limited block space and the increasing transaction costs.

Romano, a Twitter user commented:

 “Whatever, just pump my Dash & Zcoins. Make them great again.”

Jim Bob, another user replied to the tweet:

“Yep, $DGB is the solid gold UTXO coin that will be the people’s coin around the world. $BCH & $BTC will do well by relying on OFFchain lightning network as the new SWIFT payment system for big governments/banks. $DGB will bulldoze its way to top 10 MarketCap by 2019 ONCHAIN!!!”

Recently, Bitcoin Cash’s account on Twitter had posted an image comparing Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The image pointed out to the differences between the current transaction fee of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and the vast difference between the difficulty index of mining and ledgers in the block heights of the coins.

Roger’s tweet also had some replies which showcased the anti-crypto crowd with one Twitter user, bitcoin.voanne commenting:

“Well played, now repeat after me : no one needs bitcoincash nor bitcoin gold/private/diamond. You’re basically just trashing the planet by wasting energy to mine MUTABLE blockchains.”

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