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Is there a Bitcoin [BTC] book that is doing the rounds?

Ipsita Das



Is there a Bitcoin [BTC] book that is doing the rounds?
Source: Pixabay

Satoshi Nakamoto, an individual or a group of people who claim to have created Bitcoin [BTC], made it public on June 29th that they are penning a book. It will furnish details about Bitcoin, its background, and the personal stories of the Bitcoin creator.

Last Friday, a website dubbed as the published a letter which stated that the book will be split into two parts and will be called as “Honne and Tatamae”, according to the outcome of a “cryptopuzzle” issued with the post. Honne and Tatamae are Japanese words that chronicle the disparity between how a person truly feels and how a person behaves in public.

Source: Nakamoto family foundation

Source: Nakamoto Family Foundation

Satoshi Nakamoto said:

“I wanted the people and the facts to be known. Or as much of it. I’m still saving most for the books, the best parts hopefully. It’s currently just a possibility for now. In the meantime the excerpt is included.”

Satoshi Nakamoto further added:

 “But to be certain, there are countless conversations I found to be enlightening that I hope make it to be part of the story. There will be many new names and individuals appearing throughout the book in any case, as it is a story about my personal life.”

There is a snippet from the supposed book attached with the letter which talks about the development of Bitcoin in a nutshell. It also addresses the various issues that have appeared such as scaling, the concept of the blockchain, and the arrival of Application-Specific Integrated Circuit [ASIC] miners.

The excerpt also mentioned the reason behind the pseudonym ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. He stated that the name is the Japanese equivalent of John Smith.

Craig S Wright, an Australian academician and a doctor who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto in 2015 tweeted that the author of the book cannot get the dates nor technical details correct. He is one of the many proponents that believe that the book was not authored by the real Satoshi.

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Ipsita Das is a full time writer in AMBCrypto. She is a Journalism, English and Psychology major from Garden City University. Her passion, and enthusiasm for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has led her to be a part of AMBCrypto. She currently does not hold any value in cryptocurrency or its projects.