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Bitcoin [BTC]’s defining characteristics are more prevalent in Bitcoin Cash [BCH], says Roger Ver

Ajay Narayan



Bitcoin [BTC]'s defining characteristics are more prevalent in Bitcoin Cash [BCH], says Roger Ver
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Recently on the Blockchain Cruise, Roger Ver, a Bitcoin Cash [BCH] maximalist and the CEO of had a debate with Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin [LTC]. In the discussion, Charlie asked Roger why he and the BCH community were upset about Bitcoin Cash being called B Cash whereas they referred to Bitcoin [BTC] as Bitcoin Core. Charlie further stated that it was hypocrisy to do so.

Roger started off by saying, “I’m annoyed by it, I think it’s rude here”. According to him, there was a clear distinction between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash. In the present situation, Bitcoin Cash had more “Bitcoinness” in it than compared to Bitcoin Core.

According to Charlie, it was wrong to use the term Bitcoin Core to refer to Bitcoin [BTC]. This was because it would create a lot of confusion amongst the general masses. He added:

“If you ask a thousand people, 999 would refer to Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin Cash and not Bitcoin”

Roger opined that Bitcoin Cash was the real Bitcoin because of its ability to satisfy the list of criteria which was earlier mentioned by him. He said that some of the defining characteristics of Bitcoin were more prevalent in Bitcoin Cash [BCH] than compared to Bitcoin [BTC]. He further added:

“If I asked a thousand people about their thoughts on Bitcoin in 2011, they would say that sounds stupid. I didn’t give up, I was persistent and today digital currencies are changing the world. Being persistent is how you change the world and get things done”

According to Roger, the confusion was created by a group of individuals who “hijacked” the Bitcoin [BTC] project. They further changed the whole idea of Bitcoin [BTC] and also insisted to keep the same name. He also mentioned the orchestrated attempt by a group of individuals to change the name of Bitcoin cash to B Cash and drive new people into the cryptocurrency ecosystem to promote it.

Roger also spoke about the fundamentals characteristics and how Bitcoin Cash satisfied the criteria when compared to Bitcoin [BTC]. He added:

“Bitcoin [BTC] has changed into something which is not close to the definition given by Satoshi Nakamoto or the website of the Bitcoin whitepaper. They also insisted on keeping the Bitcoin name whereas Bitcoin cash had more resemblance to the original version of Bitcoin.”

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