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Bitcoin [BTC] market is more transparent than commodities market and bond market, says VanEck Director of Digital Asset Strategy




Bitcoin [BTC] market is more transparent than commodities market and bond market, says VanEck Director of Digital Asset Strategy
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Gabor Gurbacs, the Director of Digital Asset Strategy at VanEck, spoke about how the Bitcoin market is more transparent than the equities and commodities market, during a podcast episode on WhatBitcoinDid. He also spoke of the concerns of the commission the Bitcoin ETF can solve in the current market.

Gurbacs stated that one of the concerns that will be solved with the VanEck Bitcoin ETF is the pricing, adding that ETFs use transparent benchmarks. He further stated that VanEck is regulated to offer securities commodities, claiming that they have always been one of the first issuers of any asset.

He went on to say:

“Market manipulation via the over-the-counter markets we regulated broker dealers, you know, we think that we solved that market manipulation question as well. Because is we have price transparency and you have regulated entities that are under you know under established legal jurisdiction.”

The director stated that the bigger issue of the commission is market manipulation and grey area activity outside US jurisdiction like Asia and other countries which have a huge influence on the price of Bitcoin. Gurbacs stated that this is an unsolvable issue, adding “I also don’t know why that’s a big issue.”

He further added that there were several commodities such as oil which have grey areas and foreign influence. Gurbacs said:

“So, what we have a hard time understanding sometimes is that why does the Bitcoin side only have such high standards or double standards, that I like to call, versus other asset classes. There’s actually, today, more transparency into the Bitcoin market than the commodity market and the bond markets.”

The director added that the investment management firm has taken certain steps to ensure that the Bitcoin market grows in a healthy manner. He also stated that they have created an over the counter index in order to bring about transparency in the over the counter market pricing. He also spoke about their partnership with Nasdaq, stating that the American stock exchange will be surveilling several spot platforms in order to ensure that there are no bad traders.

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