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Bitcoin [BTC] should be the foundation for several projects, says James Lopp

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Bitcoin [BTC] should be the foundation for several projects, says James Lopp
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The recent market crash has certainly created ripples within the cryptocurrency community with several players in the market talking about Bitcoin [BTC]’s fall below the $5000 mark.

In a recent interview with Crypto Insider, Jameson Lopp, the creator of and Founder of spoke about a new initiative called ‘The B Foundation’ which is aimed to push Bitcoin into the realm of mainstream development. He talked about how the organization was just supposed to be called ‘The B’ but due to some legal purposes, ‘Foundation’ had to be added. In his words:

“I think inevitably there will be more contention in our outreach efforts. Some people may get triggered with them thinking we are trying to manipulate certain parts of the ecosystem. I was pretty up-front with not being involved in anything with government propaganda or perspectives of people thinking what bitcoin should be.”

He also added:

“I am interested in funding different projects that are trying to build on top of bitcoin and lightning, really any other technology to build on Bitcoin just to try to continue to spur adoption and developer interest in this system.”

Lopp went on to say that his experience at BitGo, a cryptocurrency custody company, taught him about the transactional flows in the cryptocurrency market. BitGo was also in the news recently when Bitcoin bull Michael Novogratz and Goldman Sachs invested in the company. Mike Belshe, the CEO and Co-Founder of BitGo had claimed that the services provided by the company were the missing pieces of infrastructure in the cryptoverse.

Jameson Lopp stated that he wants to focus on the technical side of things of the B Foundation so that no hurdles are formed in the march towards mainstream adoption.

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Bitcoin Cash would be a perfect global coin for daily spending, claims Chainblock’s Federico Pecoraro

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Federico Pecoraro, CEO of Italy-based crypto-company, Chainblock, made waves in the cryptospace after he suggested that Italians were shifting to cryptocurrencies owing to the country’s growing economic problems. The 2008 financial crisis hit the Italian economy badly, largely due to the huge public debt accumulated after years of excessive public spending.

According to Federico Pecoraro, the state of affairs offers an opportunity for many people and businesses to benefit from using decentralized money. In what is the most newsworthy bit of his take, he said that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) could be the cryptocurrency that would fit perfectly as a real global coin for daily spending, despite the fact that Bitcoin (BTC) is more likely to emerge as a better store-of-value. He added,

“We’re proud to support it on our products. Indeed, our clients have the opportunity to buy BCH through any of our services.”

Pecoraro also spoke about how Chainblock used the crypto-winter to develop new products and expand its customer base. He revealed that by the end of 2018, Chainblock recorded a 156% increase in transactions and a 144% increase in new users. Federico Pecoraro told,

“We love small businesses that want to accept crypto payments but we want to enable as many merchants as we can with a strategic market approach. Our goal is to provide affordable and scalable solutions for both big and small shops and spread real cryptocurrency mass adoption. We plan to enable 5,000 merchants to accept Bitcoin payments.”

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