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Bitcoin [BTC] transfer worth $72 million pushes wallet address into the top-50 rich list




Bitcoin [BTC] transfer worth $72 million [20,000 BTC] pushes wallet address into the top-50 rich list
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A transaction that involved the transfer of 20,000 BTCs worth in excess of $72.58 million has pushed the wallet in question into the top 50 rich list of Bitcoin holders. The transfer in question happened on the afternoon of February 13, 2019.

Upon checking the transaction on, it was observed that a total of 25 wallets contributed to the total volume of BTC, which was then aggregated into one, single wallet.

The recipient wallet, “3ACGWkNmZFT8gMzo7vLUtocd8ajCjFW7FX” now has a total of 19,999.9984514 BTC in its custody. The transaction took place on February 13, 2019, at 15:15:56 and the image below shows the wallets that transferred those BTC,


The address has now been included in the top 50 Bitcoin rich list wallets, as it is now the 43rd richest Bitcoin wallet address and holds a total of 0.1140% of the Bitcoins in circulation. In comparison, the Bitcoin address at the top of the list holds a total of 138,661 BTC, worth almost half a billion dollars. The said wallet also holds a total of 0.7907% of the BTCs in circulation.

As of now, no particular pattern to the transfer has been determined. These transactions could be coming from a single entity or might belong to an exchange which is sending the BTCs to their cold wallet to make sure the BTCs are not prone to hacks or any kind of breaches.

The transaction in question is just another in a series of huge transfers over the past few weeks, especially in the month of February. Some of these were reported by Twitter user @whale_alert on social media,

February 04, 2019: 2,500 #BTC (8,666,396 USD) transferred from Unknown wallet to #Bitfinex

February 06, 2019: 3,233 #BTC (11,034,782 USD) transferred from #Binance to Unknown wallet

February 06, 2019: 1,614 #BTC (5,514,759 USD) transferred from #Bittrex to Unknown wallet

February 07, 2019: 3,000 #BTC (10,201,933 USD) transferred from Unknown wallet to #Bitfinex

February 07, 2019: 3,014 #BTC (10,242,417 USD) transferred from #Bitfinex to Unknown wallet

February 08, 2019: 1,482 #BTC (5,135,241 USD) transferred from #Bitstamp to Unknown wallet

February 10, 2019: 2,500 #BTC (9,146,611 USD) transferred from Unknown wallet to #Bitfinex

February 11, 2019: 1,405 #BTC (5,140,095 USD) transferred from #Bitfinex to #Bitstamp

February 11, 2019: 3,000 #BTC (10,959,632 USD) transferred from Unknown wallet to #Bitfinex

February 13, 2019: 4,309 #BTC (15,645,741 USD) transferred from #Poloniex to Unknown wallet

The fact that Lightning Network has been seeing aggressive adoption that has seemingly solved the scalability issues Bitcoin has struggled with while reducing the transaction fees and clearing up the mainchain/base layer of Bitcoin, have all contributed to an increasing volume of transactions on the Bitcoin network.

With Bitcoin gaining massive adoption, both from retail and institutions, the community speculates that 2019 will be the year of adoption for not just Bitcoin, but for other cryptocurrencies as well.

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2) Bitwise Report 2.0: Bitcoin [BTC] futures continues growth: On a month-on-month basis, Bitcoin Futures saw a massive bump in April trading at an average of 10,000 contracts daily, peaking on April 4, with over 22,000 contracts traded. To put that number in perspective, in March 2019, the average contracts traded was less than 4,000. Despite the high standards set in April, the average daily contracts traded in May, with 25 days gone has exceeded 14,000 and still looks to grow, given the price performance of Bitcoin.


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4) Tether’s [USDT] market cap hits ATH: Tether and Bitfinex are being closely scrutinized now more than ever due to the NYAG’s lawsuit; however, the scrutiny doesn’t seem to have affected Tether as the market cap of USDT has increased by over $100 million in approximately 70 days.


5) Tether volume shift: Another controversial topic in the cryptocurrency industry was the issue of fake transaction volumes on many of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges. The magnitude of the topic was so large that even Changpeng Zhao, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of Binance had raised red flags. This topic and Tether as a whole received another twist when Larry Cermack, the Director of Research at The Block, pointed out a few parameters when it came to the said volume.


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7) Robinhood en-route a projected valuation of $7 billion: Robinhood, the California-based cryptocurrency exchange made headlines recently when a source close to the organization revealed that it was on the verge of closing their latest round of funding at a valuation of a whopping $7 billion – $8 billion. Sources even claimed that the current round of funding could act as a precursor to an even bigger round of funding, which would pit Robinhood with the bigwigs like Coinbase and Binance.


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