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Bitcoin [BTC] used by Russians to sway 2016 elections

Akash Anand



Bitcoin [BTC] used by Russians to sway 2016 elections
Source: Pixabay

Bitcoin is thrown into the limelight yet again with the latest release of indictments by Special Counsel Robert Mueller which states that Bitcoin was used to sway the 2016 US elections in favor of Donald Trump.

The report states that almost $95000 was laundered using Bitcoin, funds that were directed to conduct hacks on the Democrats’ online servers. The indictments released by prosecutors under the US Attorney General also shows that 12 members of the GRU, the intelligentia wing of the Russian government used servers and Virtual Private Networks in Malaysia and the US to pull the wool over investigators.

Rod Rosenstein, the deputy US Attorney General stated:

“In an effort to pay for their efforts around the world … the defendants paid for it with cryptocurrency”.

The hackers also mined their own Bitcoin. They used them in several ways, which included paying a Romanian company to set up the website via a payment processing company in the United States, making it seem like website had been set up in America. The hackers used the site to disseminate hacked information, falsely claiming that it had been set up by US hackers.

The indictment explains:

“In addition to mining Bitcoin, the Conspirators acquired Bitcoin through a variety of means designed to obscure the origin of the funds. This included purchasing bitcoin through exchanges, moving funds through other digital currencies, and using pre-paid cards. They also enlisted the assistance of one or more third-party exchanges who facilitated layered transactions through digital currency exchange platforms providing heightened anonymity.”

Robert Mueller, the former FBI director has always been against Trump and was vehemently against any Russian collusion during the elections.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar

    Michael A Daniels

    July 14, 2018 at 3:02 AM

    Misleading headline…There was no evidence presented that the election was at all affected, in fact they said it was not.There was no evidence that the intent was to sway the election. They tried to get into the RNC computers as well but failed. IMO the intent was to cause chaos within the us population. The media has actually been a willing and excited accomplice in this regard. If the media had ignored the story as tit for tat because frankly we do it to them, but they instead used it to try to destroy Trump with yellow journalism, we would be even be talking about this. The end result????? Russians 5, US 0

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