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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] ABC to be delisted from all exchanges, says Bitcoin SV [BSV]’s Calvin Ayre

Anirudh VK



Bitcoin Cash [BCH] ABC to be delisted from all exchanges, says Bitcoin SV [BSV]'s Calvin Ayre
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Calvin Ayre, a vocal supporter of the Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision [BSV] chain, recently published an article on his ‘news portal’ known as Coingeek, calling upon exchanges to delist the coin currently known as Bitcoin Cash [BCH] running on the ABC implementation of the chain. This comes after a lawsuit was brought down on BCH and its proponents such as Roger Ver, Jihan Wu,  and Amaury Séchet over claims of market manipulation.

Ayre beseeched exchange platforms to delist the coin until the point they implement replay protection in order to protect the funds of the investors. He further stated the ABC has been “planning this mess for months” with the assistance of at least one exchange platform. The exchange in question is Kraken, with CEO Jesse Powell also mentioned in the suit.

According to Ayre, the reason the lawsuit was filed was that “a lot of people lost a lot of money”, going so far as to say that the cryptocurrency market saw “billions” wiped off it due to the actions of ABC. He stated:

“As I hear from my sources, the FBI’s Cybercrimes unit is looking into the actions of the American based individuals and companies allegedly involved.”

He further expressed his disdain for ABC, stating that much of the hard work by “dedicated and respectable individuals and companies” were erased along with billions across markets. This is also seen in the filing of the lawsuit, which states that BCH has become more centralized, thus violating “all accepted distributed and decentralized standards and protocols associated with Bitcoin since its inception.”

Some other claims in the lawsuit include statements that Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, and Jesse Powell worked in conjunction with the Chinese government to commit a “hostile takeover” of the coin. Ayre, in another article on the same, stated:

“Roger Ver is a “crypto anarchist” and has also directed the mining operations of his mining pool to ABC. In addition, was a recipient of some of the hashing power that was rented by Bitmain in order to support ABC.”

He also stated this in a Tweet, saying:

“Unnamed co-conspirator exchanges and payment processors need to seek legal advice as all details on this manipulation come out in discovery. The only way to limit liability now is to reduce damages by delisting illegal ABC and having BSV be fully functional as BCH.”

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