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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] ABC won for a reason, says Roger Ver

Akash Anand



Bitcoin Cash [BCH] ABC won for a reason, says's Roger Ver
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In a recent video released by, Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of the company, gave his thoughts on the recent Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork. The hard fork that had quite the spotlight on it, resulted in Bitcoin Cash splitting into Bitcoin Cash ABC and the Bitcoin Cash SV.

Roger Ver stated that the hard fork had used up over 400 peta hashes, which was more than the electricity generated by the Hoover Dam. He added that the Bitcoin Cash ABC was ahead of Bitcoin Cash SV by 53.5% in terms of Proof of Work [PoW], which was “a monumental achievement”.

Ver added that after the lead was established, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum [ETH], and Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin [LTC], had both congratulated the Bitcoin Cash ABC team.

The video uploaded by also touched upon how Craig Wright reacted in all the wrong ways and that does not embody the values put forth by the original Satoshi Nakamoto. In Ver’s words:

“The actions taken by BSV are opposite to how cryptocurrencies should function. Claiming you are Satoshi and then threatening to sell everything to destroy the cryptocurrency is a lot like a kid who just lost a basketball game and walks away with the ball.”

Post the hard fork, a lot of exchanges including Bittrex, had voiced their support for the new tokens, namely the BCHSV and the BCHABC. The CEO was quite skeptical about the hard fork at the beginning, which was evidenced when he said:

“In my opinion, I really don’t know the real after effects of the fork. It can be both good and bad for the entire community. It’s just like the Y2K scare, you know. Everyone expected planes to fall out of the sky but in the end, nothing much happened.”

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1 Comment

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    November 19, 2018 at 9:50 PM

    These alt-coins are the Reason BTC will never ever be a class asset standard. Exchanges don’t care as they make money off listing fees as well as transaction fees. If all exchanges do not shut down and only allow BTC to be traded it will never ever work Plus the fact it takes so long to transfer any amount of BTC that just using cash is better. Intermediaries are a lot better for small fees. Doing it through ways like Paypal can result in Both parties being happy instantly.

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