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Bitcoin Cash [BCH]’s ally Bitmain to now support a blockchain startup

Priyamvada Singh



Source: Pixabay

Recently, the Bitcoin mining company, Bitmain showed its support for the blockchain network and token called Lambda by investing an anonymous amount in the startup based out of Singapore. A press release was also issued last week that said that Bitmain’s funding to Lambda is going to further the infrastructure of the startup by attending to its blockchain security and decentralized applications [dApps].

The Chief Executive Officer of Lambda, Xiaoyang He said that Bitmain has demonstrated its commitment to supporting strong, dApp blockchain firms such as his startup by offering support and funding. Subsequently, Bitmain is considered as the leading industry player on the global scale, which effectively endorses the significance and dedication of Lambda in creating a secure blockchain for the industry.

Last week, Lambda also posted on Twitter, in regards to the increasing fake information spread across by third parties, they wrote:

“It has come to our attention that other services are posting inaccurate and false information making use of our name. We are the Lambda company that is working with Bitmain, and has received backing from well-known investment firms including Zhen Fund, Fun City,Bluehill, etc.”

Bitmain has been surrounded by controversies, with the biggest and most recent one being regarding its Initial Public Offering [IPO] valuing the company at $14 billion. It was pointed out by Blockstream’s CEO Samson Mow that the ASIC miner company holds more Bitcoin Cash [BCH] than Bitcoin. This fact came to be known after the pre-IPO deck of Bitmain was leaked wherein it was observed that the company sold most of its Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash.

Roger Ver of also tweeted regarding the matter. He implied that Bitcoin Cash is the maximum holding of major platforms, citing Bitmain as an example.

Roger Ver's recent tweet | Source: Twitter

Roger Ver’s recent tweet | Source: Twitter

Here, Samson Mow replied to Roger Ver’s tweet and wrote:

“Bitmain invested $869M in #Bcash. Today that’s worth $527M. The dumb money invests in $BCH.”

Another Twitter handles that claims to be a Bitcoin activist since 2014 named Ben Bee also commented:

“I may be mistaken but didn’t Bitmain make most of it’s money from Bitcoin…? Also, Blockstream may be a lot more long term focused. Low VS high time preference.”

Jihan Wu, the Founder of Bitmain has been a dedicated supporter of Bitcoin Cash and has expressed his interest in the cryptocurrency on several occasions. However, he recently conveyed that Bitcoin Cash can only achieve its true potential in the field of innovation if the team is granted freedom and flexibility to execute their ideas.

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Priyamvada is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto. A graduate in Journalism & Communication from Manipal University, she believes blockchain technology to be a revolutionary tool in advancing the future. Currently, she holds no value in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin SV’s Craig Wright says crypto-influencers have the ‘desire to silence’ him as ‘they are afraid’





Bitcoin SV's Craig Wright says crypto-influencers have the 'desire to silence' him as 'they are afraid'
Source: Unsplash

For the past few days, the most controversial topic in the cryptocurrency space has been the multiple legal notices sent by Craig Wright and his ally Calvin Ayre. The notice, which stated that Wright would take legal action over defamation charges, was initially sent to a Twitter user, Hodlonaut, and was later sent to Peter McCormack, the host of WhatBitcoinDid, and Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum [ETH]. This was mainly due to their statements against Wright’s claim of being the mysterious Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

This notice, however, went against the entire Bitcoin SV community, as the majority of the cryptocurrency community was not only chanting #CraigIsNotSatoshiNakamoto but also #delistBSV. Following this, Binance, Kraken, Shapeshift and other leading exchanges announced that they would delist the coin from the platform.

Craig Wright spoke about the recent events and whether he would pursue legal action against the well-known cryptocurrency influencers, in an interview with Bloomberg. On being asked when and against whom he would be filing a lawsuit against, Wright picked Vitalik Buterin and Peter McCormack, who according to him, were perceived to be “authority within the cryptocurrency industry”.

He further stated that both of them have already received an opening letter, adding that this case would give him a “chance to prove [his] credentials” of being Satoshi Nakamoto to a judge, instead of “being judged by Twitter/ dragged through the Twitterverse”. He also spoke about the motivation behind seeking legal action. Wright said,

“I have said for a long time: ‘challenge the science not personalities,’ but that has been apparently impossible so I’ve reluctantly had to take this step so that we can move on a get back to the science where I happily and openly debate ideas and concepts.”

More so, Wright stated that the majority of the cryptocurrency space was against him because of the “desire to silence [him]”. He added, “They see an end to the scams, the pumps, and lies in a single system and honest protocol and they are afraid”.

Peter McCormack did not back down from his original statements, as the host of WhatBitcoinDid continued to refute Wright’s claim on being Satoshi Nakamoto. In an interview with BlockTV, he said,

“Craig Wright is clearly not Satoshi Nakamoto. He is a fraud and he’s an absolute moron, and for once in for all this means dealing with because they are leading people up […] having them invest in a version of Bitcoin which is fake and rubbish […] on the belief that this guy is Satoshi Nakamoto […] let’s get in a courtroom and let’s deal with this once and for all”

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