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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] blockchain based communication system by Keyport




Bitcoin Cash [BCH] blockchain based communication system by Keyport
Source: Pixabay

Since time immemorial, controlling what the public think and talk about has been a matter of utmost importance for the government, regardless of whether it was a monarchy, dictatorship or an independent democracy. Controlling or influencing public opinion is always on the agenda of the governing body.

Enter Keyport, an encrypted messaging app that ensures the sent message is encrypted and only the receiver can decrypt it. The messages are added to the blockchain, so each message requires a tiny amount of money to be paid as miner fees. Users connect to the Bitcoin Cash network, so their messages cannot be censored by a third party.

Shravan Shandilya, one of the two founders of Keyport, says:

“What we observed was that merchants already had payment gateways and we should look at other ways to increase user adoption. Around the same time, we observed that censorship on multiple platforms such as Twitter, Reddit has become rampant. We saw firsthand that when information controls as in the case of the bitcoin subreddit, people cannot see the other perspective.”

Common chatting platforms like Reddit, Telegram, Facebook all share the same problem, the messages can be intercepted or even the chat may be blocked. Whatsapp, for example, uses the Signal Protocol, and according to WikiLeaks’ Vault7, which goes into the hacking tools in possession of CIA, Signal can be bypassed.

As Keyport uses a decentralized blockchain technology the message, once sent, is secure all the way. It seems the only way to block even Keyport is by denying a region its internet connection entirely, as every blockchain technology requires the internet to connect peers.

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