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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is crap, dead and should be dumped: Cobra




Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is crap, its dead and should be dumped: Cobra
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The skin-shedding season looks to be here with Cobra, a pseudonym for the co-founder of and, once again changing his colors on Bitcoin Cash [BCH], this time reaffirming his original position that ‘Bitcoin Cash is dead.’

In a tweet posted on February 6, Cobra stated that the fifth largest cryptocurrency in the market is dead and that people who hold it should, “dump this worthless crap.” He further added that the coin had a chance at success but now has no momentum going for it.

Cobra, who refers to the cryptocurrency simply as “BCash,” greatly irking BCH proponents who want the term “Bitcoin” to be associated to the coin, further labeled the Bitcoin Cash community as “toxic.” Members of the BCH community have been very vocal in their support for the coin spearheaded by their biggest proponent and CEO of Roger Ver.

He also added that any Bitcoin Cash accounts on his twitter follow list will be unfollowed immediately.

His tweet in full read:

“Bcash is dead. Time to dump this worthless crap. Had a chance at success but momentum is now working against it. Toxic community. Will be unfollowing Bcash focused accounts on here. Good riddance.”

This jarring tweet comes less than a day after Cobra compared Bitcoin Cash to heroin and its November 2018 hardfork Bitcoin SV [BSV] to Fentanyl. He suggested BCH was as addictive as heroin due to its low fees and quick confirmations which will give users, “amazing highs.”

Furthermore, only three weeks earlier, Cobra expressed the same opinion as his most recent tweet, that “BCash is dead.” In the January 18 tweet, Cobra stated that Bitcoin Cash needs “new leadership and direction/purpose” or else its price will plummet to $0 in the next few years.

Several Twitter users were not very pleased with Cobra switching sides so quickly and they expressed the same in reply to his tweet.

A twitter user decentral tweeted:

“You are losing the credibility by your moves.”

Hayden Otto tweeted:

“Didn’t you guys say to dump it and it won’t survive when it split, around 1st August 2017? Why are you and others still obsessing over it nearly every day since?”

Another twitter user, Crypto₿acon – The Standard, expects Cobra to flip his opinion in the near future:

“This is the 3rd time Cobra has denounced bcash.
Next week Bcash SV is the truth.
Next month Cobra TBD”

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