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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] meeting, Bangkok: Another version of the same event revealed

Priyamvada Singh



Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Meeting, Bangkok: Another version of the same event revealed
Source: Pixabay

Last week, a Bitcoin Cash community member unfolded the other side of the story of the events that took place during the recent BCH meetings in Bangkok. After the Calvin Ayre’s narration of the tale, a member by the author name Jonald on wrote his version of how nChain’s Craig Wright left the meeting and disrupted the flow of the session.

Jonald recalled receiving an invite prior to the meeting conducted by Bitmain and ViaBTC where the members of nChain, Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre attended the session. He also heard the announcement of another meeting being conducted on the same day by CoinGeek.

On the said day of the meeting, CoinGeek released a post stating that the meeting had been successfully conducted where everybody voted for ‘Satoshi’s Vision’. However, Jonald mentioned that this was posted at 8 AM, according to the local time of Bangkok. He also implied his viewpoint that the meeting could have taken place on the previous day itself.

Switching between the subjects, Jonald discussed the ‘actual miner meeting’ that he was invited for. Here, Antpool, ViaBTC,, Rawpool,, among other participants were present along with the developers from ABC, BU, XT, Bitprim, and nChain. During the meeting, multiple presentations were put forth and consisted of the topics such as security, stability and scalability for the cryptocurrency, the consequences of the hard fork, the past present and future of Bitcoin Cash.

Regarding Craig Wright’s walkout from the BCH meeting, Jonald stated that he retired from the meeting immediately after he presented on behalf of nChain. The self-proclaimed Satoshi did not wait to listen to ABC or BU, the author recalled.

Jonald said that Craig Wright, after rejoining the conference left again directing remarks such as ‘lies and bullshit’ at a developer from ABC, who was speaking in the Q&A session. There was the second day of this meeting, which was not attended by nChain’s Chief Scientist.

Many Reddit users have also posted their remarks on Reddit to share opinions regarding the matter. A user named MemoryDealers wrote:

“There was plenty of opposition from nChain, but none of it was for technical reasons since Craig had left.”

BewareTheChainSplit, another Redditor dropped in and said:

“What was the opposition from nChain if not technical? Political?”

Thomas Zander, a cryptocurrency enthusiast and follower on Reddit also responded:

“there has been a LOT of opposition from practically every player in the ecosystem. You have not been paying attention if you think it just nChain.”

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Priyamvada is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto. A graduate in Journalism & Communication from Manipal University, she believes blockchain technology to be a revolutionary tool in advancing the future. Currently, she holds no value in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] network is ‘inflated centralized garbage’, tweets Bitrefill’s John Carvalho




Bitcoin Cash [BCH] network is "inflated centralized garbage", tweets Bitrefill's John Carvalho
Source: Pixabay

John Carvalho, the CCO of Bitrefill and a Bitcoin enthusiast has never shied away from expressing his disapproval of Bitcoin hard fork coins. In his most recent Twitter attack, Carvalho said that BCH was a “counterfeit” of BTC, calling the former’s network “inflated centralized garbage”. He tweeted,

“Bcashers argue against BTC scaling with a punchline of “buy more BCH!” Kinda embarrassing, but they chose a future of begging for liquidity.”

The response followed a recent thread by Peter R Rizun, the Chief Scientist at Bitcoin Unlimited, who stated that the second-layer solution, Lightning Network [LN], could not solve the issue of scalability and high fees plaguing the Bitcoin network.

He opined that once bigger blocks came into the picture, BCH would benefit more as the fork coin’s roadmap was far superior than that of Bitcoin [BTC]. He tweeted,

“This will kick off two competing dynamics within BTC: voice and exit. Some will voice the need for a block size limit increase, while others will exit to BCH as the path of least resistance. Whether BCH flippens BTC at this point will depend on which dynamic is stronger.”

The Chief Scientist added that BCH had more positive aspects and that the “uncertainty” factor would help the fork coin post gains higher than BTC.

Following BitcoinErrorLog’s response to the original tweet, many BTC maximalists expressed a similar sentiment. One of them, Gru, joined in and stated that BCH was cheaper because it was “inherently less valuable”.

Carvalho has been quite vocal about Bitcoin’s scalability solutions, even terming the LN as a trailblazer. This is also not the first time the CCO has called out BTC’s fork coins. Previously, he had criticized all fork coins, calling them a scam and a huge waste of both time and money.

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