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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver: Majority attackers of the BCH were Bitcoin Core supporters

Akash Anand



Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver: Majority attackers of the BCH were Bitcoin Core supporters
Source: Unsplash

The cryptosphere is abuzz with news about the industry as popular analysts and personalities are predicting a rising usage of cryptocurrencies in 2019. The latest proponent to talk about the current cryptocurrency scenario is Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer of

In a recent video by Naomi Brockwell, a YouTuber, Ver talked about the community attacking the ABC camp and the future of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and its rival Bitcoin SV [BSV]. The CEO stated that there were a lot of people in the industry that had different priorities and wanted to see cryptocurrencies imbibe other characteristics. Ver was confident in stating that there was a targeted attack against Bitcoin Cash and a majority of the perpetrators were from BTC supporters.

The discussion then veered into the variety of ways Bitcoin Cash was implemented by different people, even quoting the example of the address that was used to feed a group of chickens. The project had garnered so much popularity that even Brian Armstrong, the Founder and CEO of Coinbase pitched in. Roger Ver also added that Bitcoin Cash wants to implement a new way to make sure money can be used easily.

The official stated that the cryptocurrency industry needs a mix of better technology that lessens friction and creates more awareness. In his words:

“We need a form of currency that does not charge anyone $50 after every transaction. The idea of economic freedom is something that we all look out for and that is  exactly what Bitcoin Cash is trying to do.”

The Bitcoin Cash proponent touched upon Bitcoin SV and how the SV camp has only one entity mining which according to him is pointless. Roger Ver said:

“We build financial tools that enables people to transfer and receive any amount of money from across the planet. There is nothing that anyone can do to stop us.”

Ver was also in the news recently when he directly attacked the Charlie Lee founded Litecoin [LTC] and called it pointless. He had also said:

“Everyone should know that there is no threat on the Bitcoin Cash network now. With OKEx relisting Bitcoin Cash with the ticker symbol BCH, people in the crypto space should realize that Bitcoin Cash is one of the few currencies that will bring financial freedom to everyone.”