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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver talks about new technologies that make micro transactions easy

Akash Anand



Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver talks about new technologies that make micro transactions easy

Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer of has always claimed that the price of cryptocurrencies does not matter, rather it is the mass adoption of the digital assets that actually counts. In a recent video uploaded by, Ver talked about updates and developments in the field of Bitcoin Cash [BCH], and elucidated on the ways it could be used to integrate cryptocurrencies into real-world applications.

Ver started by talking about the developments with Cointext, as latest reports suggest that Cointext added Bitpay invoices via SMS. The CEO stated that the service included a protocol that allowed merchants to add additional data within transactions. In his words,

“The service has a 15 minute timelock on it so that merchants are getting paid the correct amount of crypto amount which can then be converted into fiat currency if they choose to do so. This is now available in 42 countries which is pretty cool. Pretty sure applications like this are the ones that will drive world wide adoption of cryptocurrencies, you dont even need a smartphone to conduct these transactions now.””

The acceptance of cryptocurrencies was again given a boost when Ver revealed that Mene, an investment jewelry company now accepted Bitcoin Cash as a form of payment. According to Ver, users can buy jewelry online from the website by paying BCH on Coinbase, or BitPay.

Another key focus area for Ver’s discussion was connected to the concept of earning BCH, while using applications. One prime candidate for this technique was Taskopus, where users can hire out simple tasks attached with a bounty that others could earn, depending on the answers. Ver continued,

“You can give Taskopus things to do like listing out specific world capitals and it would pay the bounty to people who get it done. This is a great use case of cryptocurrencies to conduct micro transactions.”

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Bitcoin Cash’s [BCH] Roger Ver accuses Tone Vays of losing BCH vs BTC bet despite ‘cheating’




Bitcoin Cash's [BCH] Roger Ver accuses Tone Vays of losing BCH vs BTC bet despite "cheating"
Source: Pixabay

Bitcoin [BTC] has often been reprimanded by the Bitcoin fork coin maximalist due to its scalability, block size, and mining fees, among other things. The debate surrounding the digital coins at the joint edition of CC Forum and Malta AI & Blockchain Summit witnessed an argument between BCH’s Roger Ver and Bitcoin maximalist Tone Vays.

The fork coin enthusiast and the CEO of, Roger Ver, argued that the transaction fee in case of BTC was $3, which made it extremely expensive. However, Tone Vays, a Bitcoin core personality, said that he used the king coin frequently and had never paid more than $1 as fees to settle payments. This led to the CEO asking Vays to pull out his wallet and send him $5 worth of BTC. Subsequently, Ver placed a bet of $10,000 for any charity of Vays’s choice if the latter was able to send $5 with a transaction fee of 5 cents in 24 hours.

Tone made a transaction on-stage and later posted a victory tweet:

Responding to the above tweet, the CEO accused Vays of cheating and losing the bet in a new video. Firstly, Ver noted that the transaction did not clear within the day and added that it took ten hours to get included in the block. Secondly, he explained that Tone’s transaction was the “highest priority” [higher the transaction fee, higher the priority] in the entire ecosystem and was prompted by Slush Pool’s insertion. He said,

“I don’t know if Tone asked Slush, I don’t know if somebody else asked Slush, I don’t know if Slush did on its own. Maybe slush has a transaction accelerator thing where you can pay with a credit card to include your Bitcoin transactions in the block but anyhow Tone is the highest priority transaction in the entire block.”

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