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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] targets Bitcoin Core’s ‘Cargo Cult’ fever in Austria

Simran Alphonso



Bitcoin core 'Cargo Cult' fever in Austria, Bitcoin Cash targets Bitcoin Core
Source: Pixabay

Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] have a never-ending controversy. The Bitcoin Cash group called out Bitcoin Core supporters to be under the influence of ‘Cargo Cult’.

Bitcoin Cash’s official Twitter handle @Bitcoin tweeted:

“Austrians: Don’t be Fooled by the Bitcoin Core Cargo Cult”

NaziBtc89, a crypto enthusiast commented:

“B-SHIT CASH, change the account name before trashing Bitcoin it feels yall trashing yourself ohh wait you are already trash!!”

Along with this, they posted an article on Medium that spoke about the current illusion people have regarding the working of Bitcoin Core and compared it to traditional phrases.

Cargo cult is a traditional phenomenon in Pacific islands where the tribals would believe that the foreigners had materialistic benefits and that they could achieve it by mimicking aspects of the products they desire.

For example, the tribals created planes and airports made of wood and hay hoping foreigners would drop by to give ‘cargo’ assuming it is an airport. This was one of the illogical cults in the Pacific where people believed that imitating a source of the resource would lead them to the resource itself.

Similarly, Bitcoin Core supporters are compared to the cargo cult where they accused the supporters in Austria to be under the Cargo cult influence. They believe that mimicking the superficial trappings of an advanced technology could be effective while missing the underlying reasons as to why it was created in the first place.

The Medium post shared by BCH said:

“….it’s important that Austrian Economists think for themselves and avoid getting caught up in the Core Cargo Cult. If they follow their own logical reasoning, I think they will realize that Bitcoin Cash holds better promise of creating sound money for the whole world.”