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Bitcoin Cash [BCH]’s v0.18.0 vs Nchain’s Bitcoin SV, debate continues

Anvita M V



Bitcoin Cash [BCH]'s v0.18.0 vs Nchain's Bitcoin SV, debate continues
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On 16th August, Nchain announced that they are releasing a new BCH full node client called Bitcoin SV, that will be based on the Bitcoin ABC v0.17.2 with additional upgrades made to it. The firm will be backed by the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] mining pool Coingeek.

Following Nchain’s announcement, on 20th August, Bitcoin ABC announced the released of their latest Bitcoin ABC v0.18.0.  The update is set to go live on 15th November this year.

The developers from ABC believe that the latest version is a significant development in the BCH ecosystem. They said:

“It is an important step in the process of careful and incremental technical progress to improve the utility of Bitcoin Cash and enable massive on-chain scaling.”

The double announcement has created a lot of stir among the members of the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] community who are now discussing the difference between the two. The announcement by Nchain has raised some concerns among the BCH supporters who believe that it could lead to incompatibility with the latest version of Bitcoin ABC.

Amidst all the discussion, Ryan X Charles [creator of the social network]  said:

“ABC moving forward with hard fork changes (CO, DSV) incompatible with Nchain and Coingeek’s hard fork plan (128 MB limit). We may end up having to run multiple nodes and pausing payments if the nodes disagree. What are BU, XT, and others going to do? “

Furthermore, the founder of Coingeek’s mining pool, Calvin Ayre showed his support to Nchain. He said:

“My Hash will only Support Satoshi Vision.”

Both the organizations have two different changes that they would like to add to the upcoming November fork which could lead to a blockchain split if they did not come to an understanding.

Following the announcement, Andrew Stone, Bitcoin Unlimited’s Lead Developer, has come up with a strategy called “BUIP098: Bitcoin Unlimited’s strategy for the November 2018 hard fork”.

According to Stone, the changesets are compatible with each other. He further proposes a strategy which could solve this issue. He explains that Bitcoin Unlimited will be incorporating both the changesets which can be introduced in two ways. It can be introduced via BIP135 explicit configuration or emergent consensus he stated. Moreover, Stone called his strategy a  “Run Bitcoin Unlimited to vote for the compromise.”

Furthermore Stone stated:

“By allowing BIP135, we move to a miner voting process that allows individual features to gain agreement before activation. By allowing explicit configuration — that is, allowing a user to force the feature “on” or “off” — people running the BUcash full node can quickly react to any hash-power surprises.”

Despite Stone’s effort to make it work, Calvin Ayre still maintains his defiance. By supporting Nchain he believes he will be restoring the Bitcoin protocol to its original design. He also said:

“We need to stop relying upon developer-determined default block caps. The block size is miner-configurable, allowing individual miners to set what maximum block size they wish to accept from another miner. This approach is similar to Bitcoin Unlimited’s ’emergent consensus’ mechanism for block size, and therefore has precedent.”

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