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Bitcoin Cash [BTC] hard fork: “You lose Mr Wu. It covers your bastardised implementation”, says Faketoshi

Priyamvada Singh



Source: Pixabay

On 28th August, after calling out Jihan Wu publicly on Twitter multiple times, Craig S Wright aka Faketoshi is now believed to file a patent against Wu for his ‘bastardised’ implementation. The conflict arose recently when the Bitcoin Cash community fell into a conflict over the split of the cryptocurrency, causing a hard fork scheduled to be launched in November.

Just yesterday, Wright released a Reddit document after explaining why he is against Wormhole by outlining all the flaws associated with the protocol, in his opinion. Wormhole is a project being built by the developers of the mining giant Bitmain to hard fork from Bitcoin Cash. The team expects the project to reach completion by November.

The Twitter handle of the owner of, Cobra also tweeted on the subject today. He condemned Craig Wright and Jihan Wu of Bitmain, implying that the Bitcoin Cash situation is an example of the consequences occurred when ‘toxic individuals’ are given a platform to voice their opinion. Furthermore, Cobra blamed Roger Ver of and Jihan Wu for incentivizing Wright to share his views initially, calling them out for bad leadership. One of his tweets also read:

“You know you’re doing something right when @JihanWu unfollows you.”

In one of his latest Twitter posts, Cobra mentioned the rumors regarding Roger Ver planning to side with Wright in the upcoming BCH hard fork. Additionally, he wrote:

“Very disappointing that he’s finally throwing away what little credibility he had left. He needs to call Craig out as quick as possible.”

On Cobra’s take on the matter of Bitcoin Cash split, one of the users expressed disappointment, saying that Cobra has lost credibility by showing concerns towards this split. The user also implied that both the sides of the split are scams and not worthy of any attention.

Meanwhile, Faketoshi also released a snapshot on his Twitter page, revealing a text message by Jihan Wu.

Craig Wright's image tweet | Source: Twitter

Craig Wright’s image tweet | Source: Twitter

Subsequently, he posted his answer to Wu’s message, writing:

“Lies from Mr Wu // No, we could test 380GB in 2015 – and the hardware is less now. // The cost of hardware to do this for a 0.1% miner is 0.2% of their costs.”

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