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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] wallet HandCash releases Mainnet BETA for Android




HandCash - Mainnet BETA Released for Android
Source: PxHere

HandCash, the Bitcoin Cash wallet is designed for ease of use and enables NFC payments. The HandCash’s beta version was released by HandCash Tech on February 10th. The updated version of the app released on June 2nd. The update allows users to simply use handles in transactions, to specify the address.

One of the best features of the HandCash wallet is the NFC feature- Near Field Communication payment system. This feature lets people in proximity to transfer cash via the app. No specific wallet address or QR code is required.

The current update takes this one step further. With this update, the user can conduct transactions simply by mentioning the receiver’s handle. The transaction can be done within a couple seconds. This was the entire premise of this app – to make the using of this app resemble the act of handling cash.

Since February, the HandCash app was in the beta phase as the developers wanted to fix the problems. The developers also want the users to take heed of the fact that, while this app runs on the mainnet, it is still considered a BETA while they get paperwork approval.

Some users have experienced issues relating to the login when trying to install this app. However, this has been resolved.

The wallet can be back up to the user’s Google drive, making recovery very convenient. The wallet does not store any user details or funds.

0xHUEHUE, a Reddit user worried about the hue, says

” This looks pretty much like square cash except yellow. Nice job though. “

“First transaction for the Philippines!! Post your countries and transactions. HandCash global . Great job on the new application!”

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