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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] powered platform to give a boost to creators

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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] powered platform to give a boost to creators
Source: Unsplash

On 11th July, the latest passenger on the cryptocurrency train was announced: ‘’. The application set to be launched on 1st August is a membership platform aimed to assist online content creators.

The Currency Scene's tweet| Source:Twitter

The Currency Scene’s tweet| Source: Twitter

Bitcoin Cash powered will be free of censorship. It is based on the idea of Patreon, the popular membership platform created by Jack Conte and Sam Yam. The platform is now looking to the public for protocol funding which will be used for marketing before its launch in August.

The platform aims to keep privacy at its core with features that allow people to register anonymously and conduct transactions without sharing any information about themselves.

It will also include an Electron Cash plugin which will allow users to conduct continuous payments. Electron Cash is a popular Bitcoin Cash wallet that is used by many. Furthermore, the platform will also be smart contract based to improve its security and stability.

Jimmy Brier, one of the developers of stated:

“With Patreon disabling cryptocurrency payments, we see an opportunity to create a Bitcoin Cash membership platform that brings complete freedom and control to content creators and their subscribers,”

Patreon is an online membership service created for content creators to help them manage their channels and content. The developers of expect that users will switch allegiance from Patreon to them because of Patreon’s centralized service and severe clamp down on select content.

The developers of added:

“We’re aiming to make the most popular content membership platform on the Internet, making bitcoin cash adoption skyrocket and enable people to earn all over the world.”

The team is now looking to complete their crowdfunding goal of raising 100 BCH with 47 BCH already earned. The platform seeks to defend the right to free speech and originality of content.

This was proven by the statement:

“The security of payments (no fear of chargebacks) alongside the anonymity and the privacy offered by bitcoin cash and the Bitreon platform will make it possible for creators to reach their maximum creative potential and the subscribers to enjoy the best their favorite creators can offer.”

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