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Bitcoin fundamentals are no longer present in BTC but are present in Bitcoin Cash [BCH], says Roger Ver




Bitcoin fundamentals are no longer present in BTC but are present in Bitcoin Cash [BCH], says Roger Ver
Source: Unsplash

Roger Ver, the CEO of and a well-known cryptocurrency influence in the space, spoke about why the institutional investors should invest in Bitcoin Cash [BCH] over Bitcoin [BTC].

The topic was regarding the confusion in the space for institutional investors at present. This is in relation to the market they should choose, the coin they should invest in and more. Roger was asked to explain why the institutional investors should choose Bitcoin Cash over Bitcoin, especially with its value down by 50% compared to that of BTC in the past three months.

Roger Ver said that he recommends that the institutional investors should have a look at the Apple stock chart over time which shows its huge growth over time. This was followed by him speaking about the first time he bought Bitcoin. The value of each Bitcoin was less than $1 during that timeframe.

However, in the year of 2011, the value of each Bitcoin went up from $1 to almost $30 after which it dropped to almost $2, a 90% drop. Irrespective of this, Roger said that did not sell a single Bitcoin because of the fundamentals. According to him, the fundamentals of Bitcoin is that it is going to be used by people worldwide as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

In the next couple of months, Bitcoin went from over $2 to $20000, the main reason for the price drive and mass adoption was the fundamentals of Bitcoin, said Roger. He continued to state that those fundamentals are no longer present in Bitcoin [BTC] today whereas it is present in Bitcoin Cash [BCH].

Dark “Not giving away Bitconnect” Savant said:

“It was a good question and he didn’t quite answer why an institutional investor would be interested. But if we are honest – I don’t see why an institutional investor would be interested in BTC either. Which institution will take risk of a 90% drop every 3 years? assuming rcvr.”

Rajarshi Maitra, a Twitterati said:

“We are just tired of hearing the same arguments and conspiracy theories. The reason he did not gave any solid answer is because he doesn’t have any. Bcash was his bet to trick people into believing something as money, which indeed was an interesting act, but didnt work out.”

James DelGuercio, a huge believer of Bitcoin, said:

“Can we organize a campaign to just shun @rogerkver, giving him the platform to constantly repeat the same marketing script is not productive.”

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