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Bitcoin-rebate service Lolli partners with; allows users to earn BTC with every booking

Biraajmaan Tamuly



Bitcoin-rebate services Lolli partners with; allows users to earn BTC following hotel and travel bookings
Source: Pixabay

Any major technology or system needs the validation of a large user base or worldwide implementation to record massive profitability and progress. The idea of virtual assets is more or less the same as it is utmost necessary for these decentralized digital currencies to attain a higher adoption rate in order to achieve mainstream use.

Bitcoin and other virtual assets have been making steady progress in that aspect over the years. This effort received a shot in the arm after it was recently reported that Bitcoin-rebate service, Lolli, would be expanding its collaboration with other travel partners.

According to reports, Lolli has announced a deal with, allowing users to get 3.5 percent of the satoshis back on all bookings made on the company website.

Alex Adelman, CEO of Lolli, stated that the company ,which was launched during the bear market of 2018, had people wanting to access the services of Hilton, Marriott,, CheapOair etc. on the website, just to be able to earn Bitcoin. This reflects not just a growing awareness of Bitcoin, but also the knowledge that a growing number of people now wish to earn the digital asset while booking for their individual travels.

This was one of the reasons why Lolli initially gave out healthy rebates. When travel purchases were in bulk, it gave users an opportunity to land more Bitcoin in return, making them an ideal service to stack satoshis via their hotel and travel deals.

According to reports, Americans spend over $1.1 trillion on travel every year. If Lolli grabs 1 percent of that annual business, people would have paid around $11 billion in booking costs to the company, while earning back a massive 34,000 BTC in return, valued at $42.8 million, at press time.

Bitcoin was not the only asset entering the hotel payment business however, as its counterpart Litecoin also continued to drive its adoption. According to reports, Litecoin has partnered with TravelbyBit, in a further boost to its adoption drive.

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