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Bitcoin SV [BSV]: John McAfee ‘sues Calvin Ayre in four different countries’; vows to bankrupt him




Bitcoin SV [BSV]: John McAfee to file sue Calvin Ayre; vows to bankrupt him
Source: Pixabay

The Bitcoin SV [BSV] saga has seen a new entrant thrown into the mix, with the controversy pivoted to rise rather than die down. John McAfee, the crypto-proponent and US Presidential candidate, has hit back against Calvin Ayre, reigniting their rivalry.

In a 13th April tweet, McAfee stated that he will sue the BSV proponent for “$800 mil,” taking the premise of the latter’s recent victory over Coin Rivet. McAfee referenced the Twitter debate that the duo had in mid-March, following controversial pictures uploaded by Ayre, which McAfee hit back at.

Calling the situation “unsubstantiable,” McAfee stated that despite lawsuits being “difficult” in Cuba, Ayre had assets in other countries, which he would target. The Presidential hopeful added that he would trace those assets and eventually “bankrupt” Ayre.

John McAfee’s tweet in full read:

“CoinRivet sued by Calvin Ayre. I’m suing Calvin for $800 mil. Calvin stated that I committed murder. Completely unsubstantiable. Cuba is a Civil Law country – making lawsuits difficult. However, I traced his assets to other countries. I will bankrupt him.”

The former software engineer attached the Coin Rivet article, apologizing to Calvin Ayre for their earlier reportage. On 16 March, Coin Rivet published an article titled “You’re heading down a dark alley, John McAfee warns Calvin Ayre,” in which they reported that Ayre had been “referred to Interpol, to the police and child abuse charities,” following pictures posted of the BSV man with “young” women.

Coin Rivet implied that Ayre was “guilty of child abuse offenses.” The publication later attested that the claims were “untrue,” and all articles that reference the same, both on their website and social media, have been “removed”.

Additionally, the publication has also agreed to pay Ayre libel for “substantial damages caused” as well as issuing a “statement to the English High Court in settlement of Mr Ayre’s complaint.”

McAfee, in reply to his tweet above, stated that he has already sued Ayre in “four different countries.” This would lead to Ayre having to retain legal teams in the aforementioned countries at least to hold off the claims. Furthermore, McAfee added that he has lawyers on retainer in 17 countries, hence, more lawsuits can be expected.

His tweet read:

“Will do. Lawsuits go on for years, but I will alert everyone when milestones are reached. I’ve sued him in four different countries. He will, at the very least, have to retain four different teams of lawyers. I, on the other hand, have lawyers already on retainer in 17 countries.”

McAfee concluded by stating that Calvin Ayre must “legally ‘substantiate’ the claims I am challenging.”

Using the above legal paradigm as a premise, McAfee vowed to sue Calvin Ayre for the latter attesting that McAfee is “wanted in Belize for murdering his neighbour.” In the midst of their Twitter warfare, McAfee imparted some “unsolicited advice” to Ayre, cautioning the BSV proponent to “pause for a moment and look at your reality.”

Ayre responded by stating:

“I am not saying McAfee is a murderer, I am saying the guy who confessed to killing his neighbour in Belize is saying John paid him so is a murderer:”

Later, Ayre told McAfee to “fuck off,” and called the presidential candidate, “a piece of Shite.”

The collective cryptocurrency community is likely to take McAfee’s side given the wave of opposition the BSV camp is facing at the moment. Craig S Wright, the Chief Scientist at nChain has vehemently conferred himself to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin [BTC], so much so that the BSV camp is mounting a legal challenge to prove Wright’s identity. Ayre has already served “legal notices” to Pierre Rochard, Peter McCormack, Conner Brown among others for stating that Wright’s claim to be Satoshi amounted to “fraud”.

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Basic Attention Token surges by over 6% as Ad Launch nears

Namrata Shukla



Baisc Attention Token surged by over 6% over ads launch hype
Source: Pixabay

The cryptocurrency market appears to be bleeding, however, few altcoins have reported small surges over the past few days, like Basic Attention Token [BAT].

The coin, on April 18 when the entire market was mostly red, surged by over 10% and was trading at $0.3618, its all-time high since July 2018. On April 20, BAT reported a growth of over 6% and was valued at $0.3947, breaking its immediate resistance.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Source: CoinMarketCap

BAT reported a market cap of $493 million and a 24-hour trading volume of $57 million. The coin noted a 6.47% rise in its price over the past day and reported a seven-day surge of 31.20%. BAT continued to register a growth of 1.18% over the past hour.

Crypto-enthusiasts speculate the reason for the surge in prices to be the launch of advertisements on the Brave Browser this month. The BAT token is essentially based on entertainment and can be obtained through a variety of advertising and attention-based services on its platform. According to Twitter user @CryptoNilla,

“They are about to launch ads this month hence the pump.”

BAT was highly traded on ZB.COM exchange as it noted a volume of $8 million via the BAT/USDT pair. The second place was taken by Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange as it reported a trading volume of $7 million via the BAT/BTC pair. IDCM was on the third place with $6 million in volume via the BTA/BTC pair.

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