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Bitcoin SV [BSV]’s Craig Wright calls Bitcoin’s advocate an “anarchist priest”

Namrata Shukla



Bitcoin SV [BSV]'s Craig Wright calls Bitcoin's advocate an "anarchist priest"
Source: Pixabay

The new year has just begun but has already caused a stir with Dr. Criag Wright, the famous Bitcoin SV [BSV] proponent taking a dig at Bitcoin [BTC]. Wright took to Twitter on January 2 and accused Andreas Antonopoulos, a Greek-British Bitcoin proponent of advocating false notions about Bitcoin [BTC]. Wright wrote on his Twitter:

“Word of warning! The renowned shitcoin expert Andreas Antonopoulos is as far as anyone can come to understanding Bitcoin. The only thing correct… how to spell Bitcoin. If you want to learn bitcoin, blockchain Avoid the anarchist priests Sorry. Nothing he tells you is right”

Wright continued to accuse the entire Bitcoin ecosystem of being a Ponzi scheme which is against the banks and government. The BSV proponent added on the Twitter thread:

“These guys have an idea of what they want as a system. It is anti bank, anti gov and based on scams, ponzis and get rich yesterday schemes. The best they understand are bucket shops and cons. Luckily. Bitcoin is designed so all these fools spin their wheels on dead ends …”

Wright further added:

“… like lightning ans proof of stupid.(stake) Bitcoin… Is proof of work It is capitslism It is rule of law A PUBLIC immutable evidence based ledger”

This is not the first time Wright has taken a hit at Bitcoin. Wright had previously claimed to be the one behind Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym. Since then, Wright has been promoting Bitcoin SV [BSV] as the “true Bitcoin” and trashing Bitcoin [BTC] along with Bitcoin Cash [BCH].

However, Wright does not only dislike talking about Bitcoin but also other coins as according to him only BSV is the original Bitcoin. Wright tweeted:

“If you want my opinion on any “coin” that is NOT the original bitcoin. You are blocked. That is my opinion. You are an idiot even trying to ask me about these scams.”

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