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Bitcoin SV’s [BSV] Craig Wright hits back at WikiLeaks as Twitter feud escalates




Bitcoin SV’s [BSV] Craig Wright hits back at WikiLeaks as Twitter feud escalates
Source: Unsplash

Craig Wright, the Chief Scientist at nChain and self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous founder of Bitcoin [BTC], has long held a deep distaste for WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange. The organization has now hit back following Wright’s latest tirade on Twitter.

Julian Assange has long been a fanboy of the world’s premier cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Back in 2014, during a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), the founder of Wikileaks said that he held a lot of Bitcoins, calling it a “fascinating and complex subject.”

He said,

“There’s lots on bitcoin in my book – on my thoughts on it, and on WikiLeaks’ history with it. [Google’s] Eric Schmidt and I conversed for a while about it, and I also included a lot of notes to expand on my views. It’s a fascinating and complex subject, so I can’t possibly go through all of it.”

Assange has also reaped the success of the volatile digital asset, claiming that he invested in Bitcoin [BTC] back in 2010 after the US government placed, “an illegal banking blockage” against Wikileaks, preventing the public from using traditional payment services like Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal to donate to his organization. This made Assange turn to Bitcoin and he claimed his investment has soared by 50,000 percent since, posting a 7-year price chart of the top cryptocurrency in a tweet to show its rapid increase.

Craig Wright has always argued against the use of Bitcoin for criminal activity and he claims that WikiLeaks operates in similar circles. In a recent blog post titled, “Careful what you wish for,” he came out as the original Satoshi Nakamoto and voiced his negative stance against WikiLeaks.

He stated:

“I do not like WikiLeaks, and I have never been a fan of Assange’s methods. More importantly, I am strongly opposed to criminal markets and bucket shops.”

Wright even likened Assange to Ross Ulbricht, the American behind Silk Road on the Dark Net, which was the online marketplace for drugs, weapons, human trafficking and all other illicit and illegal activities. Early on, Bitcoin rose to prominence as being the currency of choice for criminals on Silk Road, a point which Wright still advocates against.

Following Wright’s verbal tirade against Wikileaks, the organization responded, calling the nChain Chief Scientist a “serial fabricator.” They stated,

“Serial fabricator who claims to be inventor of Bitcoin, Craig S. Wright, now claims that Bitcoin was always pro-state and that he always worked for the prosecution, as he tries to raise money for business project and escape court action.”

Wright, who is known to fight back, did not take things lying down as he launched a series of tweets directed at both WikiLeaks and Assange, calling the latter a “rapist,” owing to allegations that were made by the Swedish Prosecution Authority, which have since been dropped.

Craig Wright tweeted,

“Fake and fabricated news site that I wanted not to have anything to do with Bitcoin makes up more lies. Sorry, this is again, more fake news from Wiki – the lie factory that lies on how it promotes truth.”

He further called the organization,

“Yes, this absolute shit hole of a “news site” run by fools…
And they thing this quote means I liked them. What tools.”

Wright’s verbal jabs did not stop however,

“And… ow WikiLeaks it burns… being called names by a group of criminals founded by a rapist
Oh, how terrible we feel.
Oh no, a group founded by a Rapist does not like me”

And finally,

“Do you know what good has come from Wiki leaks…
They are a fake news cesspool”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar

    Professor rat

    February 13, 2019 at 4:32 AM

    The rapist Assange had his rape charge SUSPENDED, not dropped. And anyone who doesn’t want this little Beria running around free after 2020 should place a small wager on him at the great ” Stiffs” dotcom.
    Btw, the rapist reportedly cashed in all his crypto and is a multi-millionaire as well as a rapist.

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