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Bitcoin SV’s Craig Wright: “I am going to use Bitcoin ABC to fertilize my garden”

Akash Anand



Bitcoin SV's Craig Wright: "I am going to use Bitcoin ABC to fertilize my garden"
Source: Unsplash

The Bitcoin Cash hard fork saga has not yet stopped with multiple players involved in the chain split giving their opinions on the November 15 event. Craig Wright, the Chief Scientist at nChain and one of the proponents of the Bitcoin SV camp, spoke about the pros of the split as well as Bitcoin commodity ledger.

Speaking during the CoinGeek Week, Wright started by saying that:

“I am going to use Bitcoin ABC to fertilize my garden.”

The nChain official talked about Bitcoin SV being a commodity ledger and compared it to the idea of the original Bitcoin. According to him, the commodity ledger can be anything and no one can decide what a valid transaction is. The computer scientist also touched upon how Bitcoin is uncensorable and its ramifications. In his words:

“ The entire concept is about having a Peer to Peer transaction system which becomes difficult when there is only a large number of transactions. Adding multiple miners into the ecosystem makes it much more competitive thereby hampering the functionalities.”

Wright added that for enforcement agencies to track illegal activities on the Bitcoin blockchain, the entire network will require a larger chain. He admitted that one of the earlier screw ups with regards to Bitcoin was making everyone a miner. He focused on the importance off peer in the network as that is what makes Bitcoin special. The BSV proponent then said:

“ABC has lost the Peer to Peer characteristic and that is why SV is better.”

He then drew the attention on the private keys held by users and stated that the biggest concern was people holding their old private keys. When users retain old private keys, there comes a point when they can uses these accumulated keys to conduct spam transactions, stated the nChain official.

Craig was also in the news recently when he had directly attacked the ABC camp. He had commented:

“We are going to dog ABC’s tales till they run out of money. Then we are going to tail them again and see them sell again and again till they crash and burn.”

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