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Blockchain based wallet for frequent flyers of Singapore Airlines




Singapore Airlines integrates Blockchain
Source: Flickr

A few hours after reports from Singapore said that the government does not consider cryptocurrencies a big threat, Singapore Airlines (SIA) announced the blockchain-based loyalty scheme for frequent fliers.

In an event on Monday, SIA declared the changes to the Singapore Airline’s KrisFlyer frequent-flyer program, which will enable the passengers to spend their air miles at the loyal Digital Wallet based on Blockchain technologies.

In an interview with AMBCrypto, Leia Tan, an SIA frequent flyer and a blockchain based application developer says,

“The frequent flyer program has always been a catch for flyers like me, I don’t really know the exact utilization of this blockchain based app but applications of it would be endless”

The app is supposed to be out in the coming six months and aims to connect and utilize points earned through flights and their services. Further, the blockchain-based app will enable the KrisFlyer members to participate in retail merchant programs, leading customer loyalty towards SIA.

In an interview with, Gary Brooks, Chief Marketing Officer of a global manufacturing and supply chain technology company, shared his transparency towards the technology,

“Manufacturers’ supply chains are sophisticated, complex organizations with a number of nuances that can make transparency and accountability challenging — especially when it comes to the logistics of building and shipping new equipment and service parts.”

SIA confirms the proof based trial of the concept in collaboration with KPMG Digital Village and Microsoft.

Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong in a press interview says,

“….. We will be using blockchain technology to ‘digitalise’ KrisFlyer miles [and] is a demonstration of the investment we are making to significantly enhance the digital side of our business for the benefit of our customers,”

Many travel industries and technologies are also looking to utilize the blockchain technology in their industry. Holiday Operator TUI is seeking to use the blockchain technology in their hotel bookings and Air France is trying their hands on the distributed ledger for their supply chain record.

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Satish Kumar is a contributing reporter for AMBCrypto. He is currently pursuing BBA from Ranchi University. Over the past couple of months, he has prepared marketing campaigns, technical news articles and wrote content for some exciting blockchain-backed projects.

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Coinbase is a huge net positive for not just cryptocurrencies, but for the world, says Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver





'Coinbase is a huge net positive for not just cryptocurrencies, but for the world', says Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver
Source: Unsplash

Roger Ver, a well-known Bitcoin Cash influencer and CEO of, spoke about the controversy surrounding #DeleteCoinbase campaign, where he stood by the exchange. He also explained the reason behind why he does not consider BTC to be Bitcoin, in an interview with BreakerMag.

Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, recently made an uproar in the cryptocurrency market over acquiring Neutrino, a blockchain analytics firm. This acquisition resulted in the majority of the cryptocurrency space joining the #DeleteCoinbase movement as the Neutrino team was previously associated with Hacking Team. More so, it was further revealed that the acquisition took place because Coinbase’s providers were selling its data to outside sources.

However, while the majority of the space was chanting #DeleteCoinbase, Roger Ver, on the contrary, spoke in favor of the exchange. On his official social media handle, Ver had stated that the exchange has made a lot of contribution towards driving the adoption of the cryptocurrency space and that space should “be grateful despite a few poor decisions along the way”, adding “Don’t #DeleteCoinbase”.

In the interview, Ver was asked whether Neutrino’s association with Hacking Team did not bother him, and the reason behing why he chose to stay beside the exchange. To this, Ver stated that he was “incredibly troubled” with the association, adding that this was a “really stupid mistake”. He went on to state,

“But people make mistakes sometimes, and I don’t think that it was an intentionally bad mistake on Coinbase’s part. Once they saw the error of their ways, they fixed that. And Coinbase has onboarded millions and millions of people to cryptocurrency. I think Coinbase is a huge net positive for not just cryptocurrencies, but for the world.”

This was followed by Ver speaking about the reason behind his belief that BTC is not Bitcoin. Ver has been previously criticized because of the same topic, so much so that there were people who were considering taking legal action against him. This was because of propagation that Bitcoin Cash [BCH] was the real Bitcoin.

On this, Ver stated there were several people who have called him a “scammer” because of this, adding that there were barely any who was up for an argument, instead of name-calling. He also stated that there was a possibility of him believing that BTC was indeed the real Bitcoin, but stated that there weren’t “any arguments that are compelling at this point”. He said,

“I came to those conclusions based on the logic and reason and evidence and arguments that favored those positions. And if someone wants to try and convince me that BTC is bitcoin, even though it’s not a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, I will listen to those arguments and evaluate them based on their merits.”

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