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Blockchain Infrastructure Project OPEN Partners with Kucoin

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Open Platform
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After many months of hard work, OPEN is proud to announce their new partnership with Kucoin exchange. The project is eternally grateful for the amazing support received along the way. During the presale, OPEN could not match the $250M in allocation requests received. However, as of today at 10 am eastern, OPEN Platform will be listed on Kucoin and all willing supporters will be able to contribute to the project.

OPEN Platform’s rapid rise to success can be attributed to a distinguished advisory and partnership team including Danhua/DHVC, Draper Dragon, Sora, and NEO. With their expertise behind OPEN, the project has transitioned from a hopeful startup into the beginning of a world class organization.

Starting today at 10 am, OPEN Platform will be listed for trading on Kucoin exchange and OPEN tokens will be available for purchase.

Information About the Listing

Individuals can now buy and sell OPEN tokens with the supported pairs being OPEN/BTC & OPEN/ETH.

Kucoin, “The People’s Exchange,” is known for its usability and intuitive design. OPENs listing on Kucoin will continue their vision of being a community-driven project. The OPEN team has provided here both a guide and video on using Kucoin exchange. All questions can be directed to the team via their Telegram channel.

Working With Exchanges

With a live Scaffolding product live on their website, OPEN is now focused on getting OPEN tokens into the hands of their customers. OPEN tokens are the mechanism behind our Scaffolds and will allow for the full utilization of their infrastructure.

Per the OPEN team, they have received countless inquiries from standalone developers, large development agencies, and other blockchains all eager to use the product. The listing on Kucoin will now provide a method for these entities to purchase OPEN token and begin utilizing them in the network.

OPEN will likely play a significant role in making cryptocurrencies an everyday payment method. Their platform is designed for usability and will be well-received by the thousands of applications looking to accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

In conjunction with their Developer Growth program, centralized exchanges such as Kucoin will be vital in connecting customers with the platform. OPEN is very happy to begin this new exciting partnership.

Next To Come

This is the first major announcement OPEN has made this summer and many more can be expected to follow. As of June, their product will be made fully available for public use. Before then we can expect to see many other initial integration partners announced as OPEN continues to improve their product.

This new partnership and OPENs continual development represent the movement into the next stage of blockchain integration. For the first time ever, developers will be able to easily utilize blockchain technology without any prior knowledge. Doors have been opened for thousands of developers eager to incorporate cryptocurrency into their applications.

OPEN Platform would like to express their sincerest gratitude to their attentive community members who have supported them along the way.

The future is OPEN!

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