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Blockchain mining increases AMD’s revenue – CEO Lisa Su

Joel Mathew



Blockchain mining increases AMD's revenue - CEO Lisa Su
Source: Pixabay

CEO of AMD Inc., Lisa Su in an interview with CNBC explained company’s growing market. The first quarter of the year has brought in huge returns for AMD, which provides powerful hardware for most gamers, data centers, and cryptocurrency mining. Earlier this year, in a survey by ‘Susquehanna’ a trading firm, reported that Ethereum mining has increased AMD’s sales. The company at that time stated that the sales accounted for mining companies is much lower than the core markets.

Lisa Su stated in the interview saying:

“We are very happy with how the quarter went and how the year started. For us, it’s about our long-term strategy paying off. We saw a nice ramp across our product lines across our PC, gaming, and data center product lines.”

The company’s growth into the tech-world has increased drastically, and it plans to associate itself with tech giants like Microsoft, HP, Dell, and Lenovo.

Lu said that only 10% of products are sold to miners and they are aware of their consumer’s contribution. Cryptocurrency mining has helped the company gain about 10 percent of the profit but it is not accounted as a dominant factor. Su also said that the company’s long-term plans are focused more towards its core market i.e. gaming and data centers.

As per blockchain is concerned, she believes it is a very important piece of technology. The benefit it carries is remarkable because of its decentralization and Peer-to-Peer [P2P] transactions. She concluded saying that blockchain is a distraction, rather than a potential market for the company.

Billy Jam, a Twitterati commented:

“Dr. Su, you are making AMD great again! You will have continuous support from me and all my fellow gamers. Haha! I bought so many many call options, waiting for your team to outperform!”

Timothy D Sleg commented on Twitter:

“What a great job you are doing with AMD, Lisa Su. Everyone in the tech world is concerned with NVidia. The unexpected tech (AMD) is the one that will prevail.”

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