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Blockchain to “revolutionize” the world, says Nasdaq’s head of blockchain management

Ajay Narayan



Blockchain to "revolutionize" the world, says Nasdaq's head of blockchain management
Source: Unsplash

On 14th September, Jill Malandrino, global markets reporter at Nasdaq interviewed Johan Toll, the head of blockchain product management at Nasdaq. The interview covered the various projects implemented by Nasdaq in the blockchain industry and other Fintech businesses.

Johan was asked about the ongoing blockchain projects initiated by the Nasdaq team. According to him, one of the interesting projects included tokenizing the asset issues and settlements of mutual funds. The firm was also interested in the trading of open-ended funds in the Nordic countries. They have been working with major banks in the Nordic region to try replacing the old and antiquated infrastructure into a distributed environment using the blockchain technology.

Furthermore, they were not only focusing on handling the asset related issues but also focusing on securing the payments.

According to Johan, collaboration was an important step in the development of the blockchain industry. Blockchain has the ability to transform the whole market and technology was not the only key factor for such a transformation to occur. Some of the other important aspects include working closely with the clients, regulators, central banks and anyone who could help in transforming the market.

Johan also spoke about the most interesting project being developed by the Nasdaq business and what excited him the most about it. He said:

“Its really about rewriting tomorrow for us and see how collaborations can potentially change markets”

Johan was also asked about the other industries where Nasdaq could apply blockchain technology. He stated that blockchain could be used in an industry where there is a buying demand and a supplying demand. Individuals could meet up with one another and then securely settle transactions in a shared distributed environment. This will help reduce the needs for reconciliation and errors.

Johan concluded by conveying his opinion about how blockchain technology will revolutionize the financial industry. He stated:

” I think it will stay for sure, blockchain is about changing the relationship between the issuers and the investors. Brinig them closer together will speed up and secure the markets”

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Ajay Narayan is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto. He has majored in Economics, Political Science and Sociology. His interests are inclined towards writing and investing in cryptocurrencies.


XRP shorts overtake XRP longs as USD shorts increase 85 percent on April 17

Akash Anand



XRP shorts overtake XRP longs as USD shorts increase 85 percent on April 17
Source: Pixabay

The cryptocurrency market’s volatile behavior was reflected in the ‘buy-in and sell’ sentiments. Despite the bear market taking over again, analysis of the market shows that there are some silver linings. XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency in the market, has not had a fantastic start to 2019 and this was even shown during the recent bullish spike.

XRP was one of the worst performers among the top 10 club at a time when some of the other currencies saw double-digit gains and Bitcoin [BTC] broke the $5000 barrier. New analysis, though, points to the fact that there has been a significant rise in XRPUSD longs on Bitfinex, some even registering record gains. Reports from BehindtheLedger stated that:

“Some are discussing record high XRPUSD longs on Bitfinex. It’s good to look at the ratio of shorts to longs (or vice versa if you prefer) rather than just the longs though. Doing so reveals that shorts have increased more than longs in the past few days.”

At a time when the XRP shorts are on a high, the USD shorts were up by a massive 85 percent on April 17. The analysis from behindtheledger also admitted:

“This isn’t a price prediction and frankly, this indicator probably isn’t reliable

But it’s always good to look at both sides of the equation.”

XRP’s trade has been majorly influenced by developments in its realm with the last major claim coming from Coincheck as the organization provided over-the-counter trading support for Ethereum and XRP on its platform. The exchange had announced:

“ETH XRP has been added to the target currency for large OTC transactions! We are pleased to announce that ETH and XRP have been newly added as target currencies at the Large OTC Trading Service, which has started on April 1, 2019.”

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