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Top 9 NFT Events to Attend in 2023

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Stay ahead of the game by learning about the major NFT events of 2023. Discover the latest trends, interact with leading industry experts, and network with other enthusiasts.

Top NFT Events

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Top NFT events to attend in 2023


One of the greatest must-attend NFT events of all time will be NFT.NYC. The event will be held from April 12 to 14 and is one of the most anticipated NFT events of all time. The event will feature all sorts of digital art and tokenization but will mainly focus on NFTs.

2. NFT Summit

NFT Summit is a premier event and is expected to have it all. The event is scheduled for June 3 in Istanbul and will be a banger for all the artists. Every year the event hosts industry experts who discuss the latest trends and innovations in technology, specifically targeting blockchain, Web3, and NFTs.

3. Non-Fungible Summit

If you are looking for an event where OG’s talk and celebrate NFTs in real life, then the Non-Fungible Summit is the event for you. The event will be conducted on June 7 and 8 in Lisbon, Portugal, and is expected to be better than last year. Last year, the event hosted over 2500 attendees and 100 NFT artists and had over 170 speakers.

4. NFT Basel

The next NFT event you must attend will be held at the end of this year, from December 7 to 9. Though the event is more linked to non-NFT artists, since it’s all art, it does attract the future of art (NFTs). The event will be held in Miami, Florida, and can be an inspirational event for you as an artist.


NFT LA is the type of event you shouldn’t miss out on. The event will be conducted from March 20 to 23 and will have over 250 speakers, 3,000 attendees, and 150 side events. The conference merges Metaverse integrations and IRL conference, ensuring everyone enjoys a fantastic time.

6. ETHDenver

If you are looking for an event with community gatherings, workshops, innovation festivals, and all linked to NFTs, then ETHDenver is the event for you. The event will have podcast rooms, a sponsor chill zone, a DJ chill room, and more, giving you the perfect balance of party and NFTs 

7. Consensus

Another event worth attending will be held in Austin, Texas, on April 26, 27, and 28. The event will serve attendees with one of the most influential blockchain and crypto experiences and will host thousands of people worldwide. The event will feature all sides of crypto, blockchain, Web3 ecosystem, and NFT.

8. NFT Asia

NFT Asia is an open event that mainly features Asian artists and creatives from all across the globe. The event is solely for people with an immense love for art and is one of the most remarkable events conducted by the Asian community. Last year the event had over 3000 members on Discord and had nearly 900 submissions in five days.

9. Growthcon

Growthcon is an annual cryptocurrency conference that gathers industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to discuss the latest trends and developments in the blockchain and crypto space. 

This event serves as a platform for networking, sharing insights, and exploring investment opportunities. Attendees can expect to hear from prominent speakers, participate in panel discussions, and gain valuable knowledge about the evolving crypto landscape.

10. Permissionless 2023

Permissionless 2023 is a significant event in the blockchain and cryptocurrency calendar. It focuses on the core principles of decentralization and permissionless innovation, which are fundamental to the crypto industry. 

This conference brings together blockchain developers, researchers, and enthusiasts to explore cutting-edge technologies and ideas. Attendees can expect workshops, presentations, and discussions on topics like smart contracts, decentralized finance (DeFi), and the future of blockchain. 


DeGameFi is an emerging trend in the crypto world that combines decentralized finance (DeFi) with gaming. It encompasses projects and platforms that leverage blockchain technology to create innovative, play-to-earn gaming experiences. 

DeGameFi events and conferences are designed to showcase the potential of this fusion, where gamers can earn cryptocurrency rewards while enjoying immersive gameplay. These events often feature discussions on game development, NFT integration, and the economic aspects of virtual gaming worlds. 

DeGameFi is rapidly gaining popularity, attracting both gaming enthusiasts and crypto investors looking to participate in the future of gaming and finance.

Here’s everything you need to know before you decide to become a blockchain engineer in 2023.

Tips for making the most of NFT events

NFT events

Digital art – Image via Unsplash

Research the event ahead of time

Checking the event schedule

Go through the whole schedule of the event you are planning to attend. Ensure that you have all the dates and timings in mind.

Reviewing the speaker lineup

Ensure you know about your speakers; this way, you can have an interactive one-on-one session with them and learn more from them.

Reading reviews and feedback

Most of the events of NFTs have occurred at least once in previous years. So if you are attending an event that was hosted in previous years, ensure you have read all the reviews about the past events before buying tickets.

Plan your schedule

Setting priorities

Ensure that you know your plans for the event. Which sessions are a must-attend, and which ones can be left? Prioritize your days at the event and ensure you make the most out of them.

Creating a schedule

Know the whole event timetable; this way, you can have a schedule and can attend the event according to a plan. With a schedule, you will stay organized and won’t miss anything crucial.

Leaving room for flexibility

While planning your schedule, ensure that you balance sessions with a bit of fun. Just attending non-stop sessions on NFTs will make the event boring.

Network strategically

Identifying key people to meet

Have a list of people you want to meet. Ensure that by the end of the event, you have met the key people on your checklist and have talked to them at least once.

Preparing your introduction

You don’t want to have a creepy introduction with anyone at an NFT event. Be professional and have your introduction well rehearsed before the event.

Following up after the event

Once you have made your impression on people at an event, follow up with them afterward. You can text them with a brief introduction about yourself which would remind them of you.

Take notes and follow up

Recording Key Insights

Ensure that the sessions you attend don’t go to waste, record the key moments in your notebook or phone. This way, you can access them when required.

Collecting Business Cards And Contact Information

While you are networking with some of the best in the industry, ask for their business cards and relevant contact information. You never know when that could come in handy for you.

Following up with connections

Once you have the relevant contact information, ensure that you follow up with the people; this way, they will remember you and most likely save your contact info.

Share your experience on social media

Posting photos and videos

Let the world know about the spectacular event you just attended. Share Instagrammable photos and videos of the event’s highlights with the rest of the world.

Sharing insights and takeaways

Make sure you help out the people who are curious to know about the event. Share your valuable insights and takeaways from an NFT event; this can help the event market better in the upcoming years.

Engaging with other attendees and followers

After attending the event, ensure that you have your peers and followers added on social media. This way, you can stay connected with people who have common interests.


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