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What is ChatSpot and How to Use It?

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Curious about revolutionizing your CRM experience? Meet ChatSpot, the AI assistant that speaks your language and turns tedious tasks into a chat. Say goodbye to complexities and hello to efficiency!

What is ChatSpot

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The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought significant transformations in the world of digital marketing and customer relationship management (CRM). Among the myriad of AI-powered tools, HubSpot’s ChatSpot has emerged as a revolutionary assistant, promising to redefine the way businesses interact with CRM.

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This guide provides an in-depth exploration of ChatSpot, its functionalities, and how to harness its power to streamline your business operations and boost growth.

Understanding ChatSpot

ChatSpot is HubSpot’s AI-fueled assistant designed explicitly for CRM users. The tool amalgamates the prowess of ChatGPT and HubSpot, enabling you to interact with the tool and perform CRM-specific tasks using natural language. By simplifying HubSpot CRM usage, it aims to enhance the efficiency and productivity of businesses.

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Decoding the functionality of ChatSpot

ChatSpot operates as an AI chatbot, responding to natural language prompts and pre-defined templates to deliver information, generate content, and execute actions. It doesn’t require a HubSpot account to operate, but linking it to a HubSpot CRM unlocks additional functionalities.

Here are its key features:

  • Content drafting: The tool can draft blog posts, sales emails, and even generate images for your website and social media based on specified criteria.
  • Prospecting: It can retrieve company information like age, size, industry, location, technology used, domain ranking, competitors, and news.
  • SEO analysis: It can analyze your website’s SEO competitors and suggest keyword research and recommendations.
  • Summarizing content: It can summarize articles, YouTube videos, and podcast statistics.
  • Plan follow-ups: ChatSpot can be used to plan follow-ups. This can help businesses stay on top of their leads and customers.
  • Access information outside of the CRM: ChatSpot can access information outside of the CRM, such as weather data, news articles, and social media posts. This can be helpful for businesses that need to stay up-to-date on current events.

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Setting up your ChatSpot account: A step-by-step guide

Getting started with ChatSpot is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the main website by following the given URL.
  • For new users, click “Start chatting free.”
  • If you’re an existing user, click “Login.”
  • Create a ChatSpot account using your email address or by linking a Google or Microsoft account.
  • If you’re a HubSpot user, you’ll be prompted to use your existing HubSpot user profile. Using a HubSpot user profile will not automatically connect your HubSpot account.

To connect your HubSpot account with ChatSpot:

  • Click your profile in the top right.
  • Click “Use ChatSpot within HubSpot.” If you’ve already connected an account, click the account name.
  • Select the account you want to connect to.

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what is chatspot

Interface of ChatSpot

Exploring the capabilities of ChatSpot

The tool offers a wide array of functionalities, helping various teams achieve different objectives. Let’s delve deeper into what you can do with it.

Sales and reporting

Adding contacts

One of the most common tasks you can perform with ChatSpot is adding a contact to your HubSpot CRM. You can type a command like “add a contact John Doe, [email protected],” and it will add the contact to your HubSpot CRM. You can also take additional actions like adding a note or task to the contact or viewing the contact in HubSpot.

Generating reports

ChatSpot can perform report generation with simple commands. For instance, you can type “report of companies summarized by industry,” which will produce a report of companies and their respective industries.

Assigning contact owners

ChatSpot allows you to assign owners to your HubSpot contacts. You just need to write a command like “assign [contact name] to [owner email],” and it will assign the contact to the designated owner.

Marketing and content creation

Displaying marketing reports for web visits

ChatSpot also aids marketers with their regular tasks. For instance, you can ask the tool to “Show a bar chart of monthly web visits,” and it will provide a comprehensive report of monthly website visitors.

Generating and uploading images to HubSpot

Capitalizing on DALL-E 2 technology, ChatSpot can generate images and upload them to HubSpot. You simply need to ask ChatSpot to generate an image, and it will deliver the desired picture.

Pros and cons of using ChatSpot

Like any other tool, ChatSpot has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the key points to consider:


  • ChatSpot makes HubSpot CRM usage easier. It reduces the complexities involved in CRM usage, making it more beginner-friendly.
  • With ChatSpot, you can access a variety of reports without relying on your sales colleagues. This reduces inter-team dependencies, paving the way for increased efficiency.


  • Being in the public alpha stage, ChatSpot may not always understand your commands. However, this is a temporary issue that will likely be resolved as the tool advances.
  • ChatSpot can sometimes take longer to perform tasks that could be completed in less time directly on the HubSpot CRM.

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what is chatspot

Leveraging the power of ChatSpot


As we’ve explored, ChatSpot offers an array of features that cater to diverse business needs, from marketing to sales and beyond. While still in its nascent stages, the tool shows promise in reshaping how businesses interact with their CRM systems.

If you’ve been looking for a way to make your operations more efficient without the steep learning curve, ChatSpot might be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Now is the time to consider giving ChatSpot a try and realizing its potential for your organization.


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