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Brave working towards integrating rewards redemption for gift certificates, reveals VP of Services and Operations




Brave details future plans for the company and the browser in a Reddit AMA
Source: Unsplash

Brave company, the entity behind Brave Browser, is an open and free source browser that focuses on increasing privacy. The browser also makes use of BAT, the utility token, as a reward for its users for viewing ads. During a recent AMA on Reddit, Brave’s  VP of Services and Operations, Jimmy Secretan, answered some users’ questions regarding the browser and the company.

Secretan explained how Brave aims for, above all, the best experience on the web for its users with the utmost privacy. He added,

“The best experience on the web should be fast and respect privacy. The best experience on the web should make ads a healthy part of the experience, not a burden. The best experience on the web should open up access to all the best content, in the way with the lowest possible friction.”

Speaking about the progress of the company in terms of its new partnerships, Secretan said that Brave was working on integrating rewards redemption for gift certificates offered by their partner, Tap. He confirmed that they would use them as soon as the underpinnings for the same are developed, and that Brave rewards for premium content wasn’t far behind.

Secretan also mentioned that the company was looking into KPI [Key Performance Indicators]/statistics to track development and adoption. However, he added,

“… as we move into BAT Apollo, the next phase of development, greater decentralization will help make some of these metrics more readily available.”

The utility token, BAT [Basic Attention Token], was the 26th largest cryptocurrency in the world, with a market cap of $429 million, at press time. BAT posted a hike of 10% over the last 14 hours.

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