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Building software using Ripple [XRP] ledger – Wietse Wind to talk at Eindhoven




Building software using Ripple [XRP] ledger - Wietse Wind to talk at Eindhoven
Source: Pixabay

In the meetup that is set to occur on 26th June at Eindhoven, Netherlands, called Bridging Blockchain Eindhoven – 4th Edition [technical], announced that one of their speakers will be Wietse Wind, a well-known programmer who also created, a bot that allows Reddit user to send Ripple to each other through Reddit comments.

Wietse Wind will be one of the three speakers, and the announcement reads that he will be speaking on how to build software based on the Ripple [XRP] ledger. This meet will be technical, as opposed to the last meet, whose primary focus leaned more towards the financial implications of blockchain technology.

The meetup will focus on blockchain technology itself, looking into the workings of major blockchains and learning from top developers working in the field and asking for their opinions and expert insights. Technology must not just be understood but also implemented, hence the experts will be talking about how these blockchain solutions will be implemented in the real world, in our day-to-day lives.

Dr.T tweets out:

“Better have great audio and video recording of this! Will be viewed 100,000 times in the near future! Please make sure you don’t miss this opportunity!!”

Mr.H has naught but praise for Wietse Wind:

“One of the smartest people I know in blockchain, wietsewind is extremely skilled and knowledgable, a high end dev who devotes his time buiding open source projects using the XRP ledger! Hope there is a livestream!”

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