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Cardano [ADA] alerts users of the Account Control message, guides further

Priyamvada Singh



Cardano [ADA] alerts users of the Account Control message, guides further

On 8th August, the Cardano 1.3 software update went live. Regarding this, the official Twitter handle of the Cardano Foundation posted on Twitter, guiding the users on how to go about the update.

“Some Windows users may see a User Account Control message today about the upcoming Cardano 1.3 release.”

In the document released by the Foundation, it has been mentioned that the User Account Control message will be displayed for some Window users as Cardano 1.3 and Daedalus 0.11 released today. Moreover, there is a special guide for those who see the message. Cardano also wrote:

User Account Control message | Source: Cardano official forum

User Account Control message | Source: Cardano official forum

Cardano also disclaimed:

“Don’t worry, there is no risk to users.”

The users are required to choose ‘No’, after which the update will not go forward. Users can install the Cardano 1.3.0 and Daedalus 0.11.0 updates manually or it will automatically update after 24 hours. In the official blog, the foundation has provided its users with a link to execute both the methods of installation.

After the team fixes the User Account Control message issue, another message will be displayed on the users’ screens, once they proceed with the update installation.

Update installation message | Source: Cardano official forum

Update installation message | Source: Cardano official forum

Additionally, the users will be notified of the update completion via Daedalus after the update goes live automatically in a day.

Brendan Ng, a Cardano follower and crypto-enthusiast commented:

“Should we restore our paper wallets before updating or was that for the 1.4 release?”

Maße↓sz Górski, another tech-savvy Twitter user also inquired:

“How about wallet for Linux?”‏

In the blog, it is mentioned:

“Daedalus 0.11 has a couple of user interface tweaks to improve the user experience, and includes some fixes in preparation for the upcoming release of Daedalus for Linux.

This answers the question raised by Górski in the comments.

Some background on the updates

Earlier this week, Charles Hoskinson, the Founder of Cardano informed the user base of the upcoming 1.3 and Daedalus update. In the Daedalus software update, the memory usage has gone down by a considerable amount [about 90%], which is considered a huge success by the team.

The update is also believed to have reduced congestion via network relays. This means that more users can sync simultaneously and efficiently. The Cardano SL 1.3 update has also seen significant improvements in the syncing speed on the blockchain.

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