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Cardano [ADA]: Charles Hoskinson accuses crypto-journalists of lack of due diligence and level of accuracy

Arijit Sarkar



IOHK's Charles Hoskinson accuses crypto-journalists of lack of due diligence and level of accuracy
Credit: Pixabay

Cardano and Ethereum Co-founder, Charles Hoskinson’s recent YouTube upload was aimed at proving an insider’s view into Consensus 2019. He started the video by revealing the participation of non-financial companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Deloitte at Consensus, unlike the 2017 conference.

While Hoskinson mentioned that no major announcements were made, he highlighted his involvement in the launch of Polymesh, the world’s first security token blockchain by Polymath. He also criticized crypto-journalists in general for “lack of due diligence and level of accuracy.” Following the statement, Hoskinson clarified to his users,

“We never signed an MOU with the Mongolian government or FarmaTrust. We don’t have a relationship with them but we admire the work they’re doing and it sounds like they’re trying to solve real problems.”

Hoskinson also shared Cardano’s roadmap to create a repository for providing regular updates on their latest developments. He reasoned this decision as a measure to stop people from spreading FUD. He added,

“They say that we’re all idiots and we don’t know what we’re doing. The reality is there’s an enormous amount of stuff we’ve done and progress made. So it’s really important to make a listing of what was accomplished for things that came before.”

During the live chat, Hoskinson was asked about the ongoing delays from prominent players such as Microsoft, to which he teased,

“You can buy some Tron [TRX] if you’d like!”

He further clarified that Zerocash and Cardano do not have known backdoors. He also warned his viewers to steer away from fake information. Although Hoskinson delivered clear arguments against false accusations, he hinted at making use of Twitter and other social platforms to stop the future spread of misinformation.

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