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Cardano [ADA]’s Charles Hoskinson is back, this time with a bunch of good news

Priyamvada Singh



Cardano [ADA]'s Charles Hoskinson is back, this time with a bunch of good news
Source: Pixabay

On 6th August, Charles Hoskinson, the Founder of IOHK and the creator of the Cardano protocol broadcast a live video update on Twitter, after he quit the social media platform amidst a minor controversy earlier. In his update, Hoskinson has talked to the community about the upcoming 1.3, 1.4 and Shelley update.

Cardano 1.3

The Founder ensured that the proposal for the 1.3 update will be out soon. The update should be seen between 8th – 9th August provided that there is no delay as it takes about 12 hours for it to percolate throughout the network.

He began by talking about the modifications made in Cardano 1.3 and Daedalus. Hoskinson mentioned that a fair amount of refactoring and efficiency improvement have been brought into the wallet. Here, the memory utilization has gone from about 1.5 GB – 2.0 GB down to about 150 MB – 200 MB, which is a 90% reduction in memory usage.

On the other end, considerable network refactoring has also been done, resulting in about a 300% improvement in terms of the time taken by the network to download blocks. As stated by the blockchain mastermind, the overall improvements in the efficiency of the project have been tremendous. On the same subject, Hoskinson also said:

“…probably a large subset of the people who are having connecting to network issues should be pretty happy about the improvements made. And as I mentioned there’s a lot of memory improvements, a lot of efficiency improvements… The code quality is overall very good for 1.3 so we’re pretty excited about it.”


Cardano 1.4

Hoskinson moved on to provide the development cut off date for the 1.4 update of Cardano, which is 4th September. The team will then begin the QA process for the update. He also said that 1.4 is going to be the biggest update for Cardano and will have extremely valuable underlying features to it.

The update will have a file system that uses only about 44 thousand files to store the blockchain from the previous figure of around 1.3 million files. Hoskinson also mentioned about the wallet-back end specification being implemented entirely. Further talking about the code refactoring, he said:

“…alongside a lot of our code refactoring which I think makes the core code a heck of a lot easier to test and overall just higher quality than what we inherited. So 1.4 is definitely going to be a huge update.”

Shelley Specification Update

The team has begun adding specifications to the update. The leader stated that there are 21 work units that are currently working on Shelley. Hoskinson defined the work to be parallel and linear, and will probably be done by the end of the month, along with the time estimates for exactly when the team can roll out Shelley. He also added:

“A lot of the things that were holding us up… Like the incentive scheme have been finished, the papers been published… The delegation specification has been finished and it’s ready to go, and the paper for that I think is either public or soon to be public but it’s basically done. And a lot of the Shelly particular mechanics like the network stack and so forth we’ve converged to a design we’re very happy with.”

Lastly, about these updates and the overall pace of the project, Hoskinson stated that the team is working its way through the backlog. More so, to make the process more efficient, Cardano has been trying to reduce its QA cycles and working with outside testing parties to do the same.

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Priyamvada is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto. A graduate in Journalism & Communication from Manipal University, she believes blockchain technology to be a revolutionary tool in advancing the future. Currently, she holds no value in cryptocurrencies.

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