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Cardano [ADA]’s Founder posts video update, all set to up the game

Priyamvada Singh



Cardano [ADA]'s creator posts video update, all set to up the game
Source: Pixabay

The CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, has recently tweeted a video sharing updates on Cardano. It includes details on Cardano 1.3, Cardano 1.4 and the Shelley phase.

Cardano 1.3

The team has already passed the first round of QA testing and expects an early August update on both, Daedalus and Cardano, provided they maintain the current pace and do not detect major problems during the tests. Cardano 1.3 will introduce a good amount of advancement to Daedalus via code refactoring. These advancements have a lot to do with memory usage reduction to a great extent. In Hoskinson’s words:

“We’ve considerably refined some of the underlying code and memory utilization so we’re looking at probably a factor of 5 or 6 x reduction in memory usage. Our internal benchmarks went from 1.2 gigabytes to about 200 megabytes on the mac client.”

Cardano 1.4

Cardano 1.4 is likely to be released in September or October and is one of the most significant updates to Cardano. This will also carry the Cardano Wallet backend that has kept the team busy since the beginning of the year. The team has made efforts in tracking the workings of UTXO style wallets to write new specifications and bring in other interesting features.

In its Shelley phase, the Cardano team is hard at work to increase the decentralization and enhance its core via tests. Cardano 1.4 will also reap the benefits of these efforts.

Hoskinson also said that the 1.4 update is primarily meant to assist the exchanges that operate at scale and have a lot of addresses and transactions under management. However, the update is not going to be of much help to the everyday user as no significant performance-based enhancements will be noticed.

The big August announcement

The tech leader has also dropped a hint regarding a new anonymous partnership, the updates of which are planned to be announced on August 15th. He also spun light on the upcoming late-July release the IELE test net that will enable coders to ‘write smart contracts using something other than EVM’.

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