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Cardano [ADA] Founder reveals future plans for the Cardano project

Priyamvada Singh



Cardano [ADA] Founder reveals future plans for the Cardano project
Source: Pixabay

Charles Hoskinson, the Founder of the 9th largest cryptocurrency in the world, Cardano [ADA], appeared in an interview with The Crypto Lark, wherein the two discussed the growth of the Cardano ecosystem and more. Here, the CEO of IOHK spoke about all the upcoming events in Cardano’s development story.

Hoskinson updated that the team is going to come out with a bunch of exciting projects. Currently, he is in Toronto, attending a significant cryptography conference where the team is about to give a presentation on Ouroboros Genesis. Hoskinson also stated:

“One of our scientists actually flew here from Switzerland and we’re gonna do a video and this is the first time we’ve ever talked about our sharding design that we have for Cardano […] This is the first paper with parallel chains paper that we’ve written so it’s like our take on DAGs and our take on how to shard things.”

Next, he revealed other positive updates coming out, such as videos about Shelley and the Rust project. The Cardano Founder mentioned a developer named Duncan, who is in ‘beast mode’ at the moment, is carrying out the job at hand. In his words:

“Duncan is just in beast mode right now. We’ve woken the sleeping Haskell giant and he’s having the time life you know writing specs and and actually doing the code the right way throwing away all this error code.”

About the launch of different versions of Cardano updates, Hoskinson conveyed that the 1.3.1 update is going to be released soon. Furthermore, the 1.4 update is ahead of schedule in terms of QA testing, which was expected to take a longer time. In the last bit of update, Hoskinson said:

“We’ve started hiring more people and it’s actually the first time we’re having multiple companies in the ecosystem contributing to that, so it looks like Emurgo is gonna provide Rust developers in addition to IOHK for Rust Cardano.”

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