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Cardano [ADA] is set to launch two Test Nets very soon

Sthuthie Murthy



Cardano is almost set to launch two Test Nets very soon
Source: PxHere

A quick Cardano update by Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Cardano mentions the expected 1.2 Cardano update.

Cardano 1.2: Recycling Process – where the developers get together and plan out what the update is going to look like. They do a huge amount of work and they have a notion about what they are going to put up into the development branch. After this, it heads to the release manager and QA (quality assurance) desk.

He claims that when the development is done, the release manager and QA department – both internal and external takes a look at it while running through a battery of tests: smoke tests, feature-oriented tests, regression testing.

The data-list updates are very numerous with features like paper wallets and asynchronous restores. “Everything is in the green as of now”, said Charles while they work on some minor fixes and bug repairs.

The entire process will take over a month before reaching the end users. It’ll get faster when the development is stopped and he anticipates that Cardano 1.2 will go live by mid-May. During their progress he will announce the exact date of the events.

Project management Philosophy in general: Back in September, they had only 1 product manager in the company, Eileen Fitzgerald, who is now the Vice President and Head of Programs, a scaling specialist herself. Over time, she has built an entire office with 5 product managers all responsible for a specific dimension of Cardano.

Ex: one entire project, Cardano CL (computation lawyer) including all smart contracts and sidechain interconnections, the managing of relationships with IOHK and R V and so forth is looked after by one manager. He claims that he receives 6 updates every week from the PM office.

The Ethereum co-founder, Hoskinson revealed that IOHK had hired 27 people within the last 3 months. They are also working on making these people more public and to enhance communication and build a better relationship with the public too.

Few of them from the team will be coming up with monthly update videos very soon. Scaling is not just for their blockchain but for their team and work as well.

He stated:

“The IOHK Project Management (PM) office is one area of the Cardano ecosystem that has grown immensely; now housing seven employees. This strategy will make Cardano the most transparent project in the crypto world.”

As the project manager who will be trailing this idea, Gerard Moroney will talk about the Yella test net (Cardano’s IELE Virtual Machine) and K-EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) with the specific release dates.

Eurocrypt 2018

Hoskinson will visit Israel along with IOHK’s scientists to attend Eurocrypt this coming weekend in Tel Aviv. The annual conference is one of three organized by the International Association for Cryptologic Research [IACR] and they actually accepted Ouroboros for peer review. Eurocrypt 2018 will hence feature IOHK’s scientists “showing off their latest and greatest” in this space.

Charles’ statement regarding the science aspect:

“We’ve had a lot of research converge to a near-done state in the last seven months. It’s actually been the most fertile time in IOHK’s history for research and development.”

He had previously mentioned about Ouroboros while explaining and sharing Cardano’s roadmap and he added on to it explaining how the team has been able to massively update it in recent times, as their innovative proof of stake algorithm continues building toward Ouroboros Praos.

His next visit to Israel will be to Africa, Ethiopia to meet the national government along with few others. He plans to educate the students there and support them to travel and go somewhere. He stated:

“I am really excited about potentially teaching a Haskell class, either in Ethiopia, or made available to Ethiopian students to go and travel somewhere else.”

He concluded cheerfully saying Cardano will be shipping soon being in the final stages of review. We have grown tremendously over time and it has been challenging to manage all of the things but we are getting everything done.

Cardano’s token ADA has been doing fairly well in the market with 6% price gain in the past 24 hours with the current value at $0.29. The market cap is worth $7.5 billion.

Samuel, a viewer commented:

“Charles is the man! I can turn into a geek and listen to him for hours. He keeps his promises and gives us an update on all tech aspects. Good stuff, exciting times ahead! Top of Form. I am thrilled that they will be rolling out these progress reports in the coming weeks.”

Tai Zen, a Twitterati says:

“I knew it!!!! It was only a matter of time before you’d make a crypto video in a car!!! LOL! You’re not hardcore in crypto until u make a crypto video in a car!!! Hahaha!”

Bertalan Vecsei, a Cardano enthusiast tweeted:

“This is transparency at its finest. CEO gets an inspiration, interrupts his drive and provides a comprehensive, extensive and professional 15min update about the progress. There is no other crypto CEO out there who cares so much and have this level of commitment & dedication!”

An anonymous Cardano enthusiast tweeted:

“Thank you so much, Charles! This is what I call a professional team. Cardano is that “Killer App”. Really appreciate what the team is doing. To others: Watch ADA closely. It will shoot up very soon, very fast.

Adrian Hernandez, a market enthusiast says:

“Fantastic update! The more technical information you can release, the better. Some good progress from your team, well done!”

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Sthuthie Murthy is a full-time reporter at AMBCrypto. She has been researching and writing about the Blockchain technology for a year now. Her passion for blockchain has led her to be a part of AMBCrypto's news reporting team. She does not hold value in any cryptocurrencies currently.


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