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Cardano [ADA] is starting the countdown for the dual Test Net launches

Sthuthie Murthy



Cardano will soon start the countdown for the dual test net launches
Source: Pixabay

IOHK Cardano has released a few technical update reports mentioning about Daedalus, Wallet Backend, Networking, DevOps, Cardano Decentralization and other technical support features. Cardano [ADA] is at the 7th position in the market with a market cap of $7.9 billion. With a 10% gain in the last 24 hours, ADA is currently priced at $0.30.

The team has made tremendous progress in researching various options to support reverse engineering of the specifications and some short-term performance improvements in the block storage layer. They have also received results for the paper wallet certificate generator feature in the previous week and the changes that were requested have been implemented and tested, ready to be released. Manual testing and quality assurance tasks for the Daedalus 0.10.0 and Cardano 1.2.0 release has already been started.

Last week the team tackled various important tasks in order to improve exchange integration processes and streamline various wallet features. DevOps have been continuously supporting Daedalus and Cardano development. Also, creating plans of cross-team development squads to diversify skill sets and improve focus on the most significant business objectives.

IOHK plans to have external contractors provide the Ethereum Virtual Machine [K-EVM] and Cardano’s IELE testnet projects with more DevOps support. A business proposal will be made soon, as the team is moving towards the launch of both the testnets, says Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Cardano.

Charles had already given an update about the upcoming release of Cardano 1.2.0 release and the dual testnet launch along with the paper wallet feature. He also mentioned that the team is working towards maintaining complete transparency of the development phase of Cardano.

Phi Chang, an ADA holder tweeted:

“Paper wallet coming soon! Could I be more excited? Charles, you are a real inspiration and a true leader. You make everything worthy and your teams visions and efforts are totally commendable. I must say, there is no denying that your projects are all on a different level and non-comparable to the others. Excellent work team.”

Lisa Phalange, a Cardano enthusiast says:

“I don’t understand the technicalities much but your efforts make me want to read them every time. Well done and good luck for all the future projects and launches. Can’t wait to celebrate the success.”

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